Toilet Handball, Nora Mork – reveals dissatisfaction

Toilet Handball, Nora Mork – reveals dissatisfaction

Stavanger (Dagbladet): First, Nora Mörk was put in the stands against her will in the World Cup opener against Greenland. She admitted that she was not satisfied with the decision.

After resting, she announced her readiness for the match against Austria, and announced that she would try to negotiate some playing minutes. But not then, Nora.

Norwegian goal celebration: experts react

– She doesn’t like it

Mork sat on the bench for the entire 60 minutes, humiliating the besieged nation from all sides. National team manager Thorir Hergeirsson says this is his decision.

– I think we will need Nora a lot in the future. So I think it’s wise not to burn all the gunpowder.

- I will be exposed

– I will be exposed

– How did she react?

– She doesn’t like it, the national team manager replies.

Chairman: Thorer Hergerson on the bench against Austria.  Photo: Beyat Uma Dahli/NTB

Chairman: Thorer Hergerson on the bench against Austria. Photo: Beyat Uma Dahli/NTB
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– Nora always wants to play. We set her up and made a plan to let her play if we needed to, but it turned out to be a success. But another match without her on the field will provide more energy for the post-tournament season. Then we’ll get it up and running over the weekend, Hergerson continues.

Goal: Steyn Bridal Oftedal has decided to take a break from her handball life after the Olympic Games in Paris next summer. But for now, it is still causing chaos on the field, both for the club and the national team. Video: Pluto TV, EHFCL, Myrvold Simensen/Skingen/Dagbladet
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-I know why

Mork also had to answer the questions himself.

– I sat on the bench, so it was better than last time.

Sweden reacts

Sweden reacts

– what’s up?

-I was supposed to be warming up and testing. I thought it was good, but when the game ended like that, the coach chose to let me rest.

– Did you get any explanation?

– Yes, I know why. Maybe it’s better that they say no, because I say yes anyway. Also, it wasn’t needed today anyway.

The sports director weakens: - I react

The sports director weakens: – I react

On Thursday, she revealed to Dagbladet that she is suffering from a number of minor injuries and pains, but is available for matches.

-Is this the reason?

– Yes.

boldness: Former national team player Espen Lee Hansen is not afraid to challenge himself, and that’s exactly what the Norwegian handball guys completely agree on. Video: Espen Lee Hansen / Rødt Court / Bamboo.
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– Too much load

Dagbladet asked Hergerson.

– What do you think of her physical condition in terms of injuries?

– I have no opinion on the physical or health condition of the players publicly. The Icelander starts with the written press and they are the last in the line of journalists who want answers.

Opens: - Completely overwhelming

Opens: – Completely overwhelming

He hesitates a little, but then answers anyway, as he often does.

-Nora is doing well, and has been doing well this fall. But she has been playing handball for a long time, and is shouldering the burden in Esbjerg, which has few players in the stable. Then there will be a lot of pressure over time. “Then it’s good that we can control it,” Hergerson answers.

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