Toilets required on long-distance buses in Norway – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

Toilets required on long-distance buses in Norway – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

– They should think about passengers. This is very important.

says Rune Wollner-Hagen (49).

He has stomach problems, which means he may need a toilet urgently. It wasn’t on the three-hour bus ride he took recently.

None of the 108 newly operated electric buses in Buskerut have toilets.

We fully understand that people with severe bowel disease have challenges traveling on public transport. Generally, these types of buses do not have toilets in the tender area.

This is what Terje Sundfjord, managing director of joint venture Brakar, tells us.

Now Mage demands– tarmforbundet new law prohibiting the purchase of long-distance buses without toilets.

Mats Johansson, general secretary of the Gastroenterology Association, says the current law is inadequate.

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Depending on the toilet

Krones, A. to Rune Wollner–Hagen Chronic inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract.

When he recently took a bus to travel 159 kilometers from Kongsberg to Geilo, he was unaware that the new bus had no toilet.

– It’s not just because of stomach problems, many people still rely on the toilet. Many passengers responded to this, he said.

About 15 percent of the population has irritable bowel syndrome, and 20 percent have an overactive bladder.

In June, the Institute for Transport Economics presented a report showing the lack of toilets on public transport and in public places. Limiting the quality of life for many.

Rune Wolner-Hagen says the practice of announcing new bus tenders without toilets on long journeys should be stopped. It is difficult for him to take the bus again, next time he will drive.

– that pI think it’s weird and a little irresponsible. Such buses must have toilets.

Rune Wollner-Hagen

New buses: 108 new buses have been procured by public transport company Prakar. Even on long bus routes no one has a toilet.

Photo: Christine Breivik Øen / NRK

There is still a long way to go

Mats Johansson, secretary general of the Gastroenterology Association, says they fought hard to change the law.

with cooperation between Gastrointestinal Association and Eight other user organizations agreed that toilets cannot be closed while buses are running.

Recently, toilets were reopened on long bus routes in Trøndelag, after ADB received an order from the Discrimination Board.

In May this year, the Ministry of Transport was replaced Regulation After pressure from the union. Now it’s over As a passenger you can take off your seat belt to use the toilet on buses while driving.

New bus tenders can still be announced without the need for toilets in long-distance buses, as was done in Buskerut.

There should be a ban on buying long-distance buses without toilets. It is as discriminatory as closing the toilet. Unfortunately, the law today is insufficient, he says Johnson.

Rune Wollner-Hagen

Commuter Rune Wollner-Hagen thinks the new buses have nice seats, but hopes some of them could get toilets.

Photo: Christine Breivik Øen / NRK

There are no plans to change the law

The Ministry has no plans to change the law:

For buses covered by public procurement, the county council can set requirements for the vehicles used and is the closest to assessing demand on its routes. We believe that both the District Council and the transport companies are making a proper assessment of how to take care of the need for toilet visits.

It is pSenior Communications Adviser, Ministry of Transport, Freudis Tornay.

In the Viken District Council tender, 108 new buses purchased in Buskerud do not require toilets.

– Toilets are rarely available on regular school transport and regular bus routes in Norway, both short and long routes.

According to Terje Sundfjord, managing director of joint venture Breaker.

Panchayat council should intervene

Mats Johansson, secretary general of the Gastroenterology Association, says he is encouraged by the response from the ministry and the collective bargaining agency.

It is unbelievable that the Ministry of Transport and the authorities are oblivious to the need to stop this practice, which passengers and bus drivers are protesting against.

Now he is asking the district council in Buskerut to intervene as soon as possible.

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