Tommy got a pitchfork in hand

Tommy got a pitchfork in hand

Tommy's gardening doesn't go according to plan.

– It sounds worse than it is, but it's not every day you get a pitchfork in your hand, Tommy Asheim (48) tells VG.

He's going to do some gardening this weekend, and as any proper handyman should, he's got the tools. A pitchfork hangs on the garage wall, which he holds in one hand while he holds a shovel with the other.

– But there's a wasp's nest at the top. It explodes and at least 100 angry wasps come out.

Asheim shakes his free hand and steps back, tripping over his daughter's homemade junk.

– I hit the ground and landed on a pitchfork. I don't notice it right away, but when I wake up I think “Damn, it's hanging”.

It was Local newspaper Trischel-Engerdal He was the first to mention the subject.

Silk gloves on: Åsheim actually had to wait for the grass pile to be cleared that day. Photo: Private

He started looking for the angle grinder

With the pitchfork embedded six centimeters into his arm, a distraught Asheim leapt to his wife, placed the arm and the adjacent stick on the kitchen table, and asked her to remove it.

But the wife had no doubts. An ambulance should be called.

want Indeed we do, replies an embarrassed and cursed Ascheim, who thinks there is no place for a fork in a rope.

So it goes back out and finds the angle grinder for the stall – it's at Drizzle General Manager Asheim's restaurant.

Apparently in no pain, the injured man finally agrees to call an ambulance.

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But Åsheim's assumption turns out to be correct; The situation required more help.

The fire service is in full swing.

– Then it's a matter of starting mowing, declares Åsheim, who is upset about the wheel tracks left on his lawn by the fire engine at this point.

– But beautiful, intelligent boys came and helped, says today with gratitude.

Free at last: Asheim was grateful after being freed from Pitchfork. Photo: Private

Accidentally spilled

– A foreign object in the body is never positive news, said Thomas M. Ronning says of the early news of the day.

The blades from an angle grinder are no more sensitive to skin than a pitchfork, so caution is necessary, he says.

– Fortunately, Tommy took it with a smile, a good situation given the conditions. “I think it's either pride or an arm injury,” Ronning laughs.

But the emergency manager is clear the whole thing could have been a lot worse, and it was in the emergency room that Asheim realized how “lucky” he was.

– If I had twisted a few extra centimeters I might have landed on top of it. I was able to get five nodes in the back, lungs and all.

– How are you now?

– That's great! I've had a tetanus shot because the last places a pitchfork was used were in the muck cellar and the potato field, he casually replies.

In Good Courage: Tommy Asheim after the play. Photo: Private

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