Tone Damli reveals that she turned down Farmen’s fame every season

Tone Damli reveals that she turned down Farmen's fame every season

In March, Dagbladet wrote that the nutritional influences and co-author of “Company Lauritzen” Emilie Vu Neering, 26, could potentially help. TV 2 ended up completely different This winter/spring.

– I was also asked to participate in “The Farm Celebrity”. Then I was in the middle of a depression. “The Farm Celebrity” was taped in May, and I thought I needed to get away at the time. The Company is doing well in September. So, I was really leaning towards “Farmen kjendis” given that it happened earlier in the year, as I revealed to Dagbladet at the time.

Company Lauritzen: Certain things became a challenge for Tone Damli in the early weeks of recording. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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not alone

However, the influencer eventually signed on to “Kompani Lauritzen” and thus had an army camp in ndalsnes.

– Yes, I canceled “The Farm Celebrity”. It’s a very cool program, but this and “Kompani Lauritzen” are two completely different concepts. I am glad I chose the latter.

However, Nereng is not alone who smashed yet another major on TV 2’s “Farmen kjendis”. Comedian and Instagrammer Espen PA Lervaag (44) made great efforts to assert the same at the same time.

– I had already said yes to another notion of reality, but then this came to the table, he assured Dagbladet, before asking if he was referring to “Farmen kjendis” and he replied as follows:

– We are talking about a competing concept, but maybe not quite so – because it is broadcast on the same channel. Then people can think for themselves.

tears: Damley bursts into tears when she thinks of leaving for the “Company Lauritzen”. Video: TV2
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– No problem

And as if that wasn’t enough: against Dagbladet, artist Tone Damli (33) now reveals that she did exactly the same as her two friends and “Kompani Lauritzen” participants.

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– I’ve said no to “Farmen kjendis” every season, so that wasn’t a problem for me. “Kompani Lauritzen” above all, every day of the week, explains the 33-year-old, who this week also did Revealed that lights and attention forced a form of social anxiety with her.

Got support at home: Tone Damli received the full support of his girlfriend Markus Foss for leaving him and their two children to participate in

Gained support at home: Tone Damli received full support from his girlfriend Markus Foss for leaving him and their two children to participate in “Kompani Lauritzen” on TV 2. Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB
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Dagbladet was in contact with the press director of TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, who did not want to talk much about the channel’s dialogue with potential participants from the “Farmen celebrity” program.

– There are always many names on the block when we work with Casting for shows like “Farmen kjendis”. However, we do not want to comment on who, for various reasons, chooses to refuse to participate in our programmes, he tells Dagbladet.

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