Tonje Frigstad: – Banned from Tinder

Tonje Frigstad: - Banned from Tinder

Former “Formen” profiler Tonje Frigstad (22) reveals she’s been banned from Tinder for life. she says Television 2.

– They reported me, the 22-year-old says.

Earlier this year, it became known that Frickstad and her ex-boyfriend Simon Transtad Jacobsen (23) split. Opposite the website, she says she created a Tinder account after the breakup.

– I got banned for life from Tinder because people reported me! I had to send verification photos from all kinds of angles, but they didn’t believe me. Tinder isn’t for me, and that’s fine. I float, then jump into the incoming waves, she continues.

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Soon the TV profile will be associated with the brand new concept “Traitor”, which will be on TV 2 in the fall.

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