Tønsberg – A car crash in the emergency department

Tønsberg – A car crash in the emergency department

The driver, a woman in her 30s, was taken to hospital for treatment and was unable to make a statement.

– We do not know the cause of the accident and we are carrying out some general investigations to get closer to something that could give us an indication, Viktoria Hilvek, Operations Manager of the Southeast Police District, tells Dagbladet.

Police said that the woman's relatives have been informed about the accident.

– Unable to communicate

At 04.29, upon receiving a report of a collision, emergency services rushed to the emergency department.

The concrete pillar in question is near the entrance to the emergency room, just outside the center of Tønsberg.

– The driver was in the car and could not be contacted. We broke down the driver's door and assisted the paramedics in getting the driver out, says fire chief Steiner Holm of the Westfold Intermunicipal Fire Service (WIP). In a report on XFormerly known as Twitter.

Major damage

Vib also released a photo of the crashed car, which has extensive material damage. Also, the fire department has said that an investigation will be conducted regarding the accident that fell on the concrete pillar.

So far, police insist there is no concrete suspicion of drugged or drunken driving.

– But this is usually part of the investigations we want to do, says operations manager Hillveg to Dagbladet.

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