Too deep and boring – VG

Too deep and boring - VG

An overdose of self-irony.


horror comedy

studio 666

United States of America. 15 years. Directed by: PJ McDonnell

With: Dave Grohl, Pat Samir, Taylor Hawkins, Whitney Cummings, Rami Jaffe, Chris Shefflet, Nate Mendel, Will Forte, Gina Ortega, Keri King

Since no one was so interested anymore, he lost Dave Grohl Over the past ten to fifteen years, the history of the rocks, at least the hard parts that occupy them, have been allowed to be incorporated, and the task of supervising the entire sultan taken over. All the while, he and his band, Foo Fighters, are still mass-producing Bread rock checkered gray kneipp.

Dave Grohl reveals to VG: – We lied to everyone – VGTV

That Grohl is the cutest guy in the music industry, and he’s also a role model Don’t kill yourself, is something everyone knows. Honor him for that. There is still doubt that he has We received more than a lot The last time. Even the most benevolent person begins to get better and satiated. “Studio 666” is a feature film, a comedy feature inda The more “blink in the eye”, the worse it hurts.

The men who tested it all: Nate Mendel, Rami Jaffe, Pat Samir, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shefflet and Dave Grohl (from left) at Studio 666.

fu fighters He moves to a stately home in Encino, California to record his tenth studio album. The least of their problems is having the band’s lead star, Grohl, creatively bankrupt. Even worse is what happened in the same house in 1993: the leader of the Dream Widow group, the legendary Greg Null, went mad and killed the other members.

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The house is haunted by an evil spirit. And soon Grohl would become obsessed with it. And soon all he had in mind was to compose a new epic song (it should be 40 minutes long), eat raw meat and kill his mates.

It was never intended for “Studio 666” to become one good film. It’s designed to be harmlessly dystopian and is hopefully a “so bad it’s good” B-movie comedy Turkey. A project that Grohl (credited with “The Story”) and his co-workers can enjoy during lockdown, when stadiums The “rocker” is usually closed indefinitely.

SK (R) Evesspire: Dave Grohl in Studio 666.

There was reason to expect more from “Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park” (1978) than – well, “A Hard Day’s Night” (1964). And so it became. However, “Studio 666” has become a lot more boring than one might expect. Useless, in fact, even Dave Grohl and the family and friends of the Foo Fighters will struggle to beat it.

That the play is naturally smooth is a work of its own. That the movie is neither exciting nor scary is now one thing (or two). That surprisingly childish humor and dialogue, full of poo and the tongueJokes, we can see through the fingers. That horror movie effects are miserable — well, they’re supposed to be.

Movie Night: Pat Smear in “Studio 666”.

But when all of those things work together, one at a time and all the time, and the movie gets worse as it progresses, right down to miserable. punchtime passes very slowly.

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Stupid can be just fine. Bad can be fun. But being deeply bored for 106 minutes is worthless.

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