– Too quick to say anything about the consequences – NRK Troms and Finnmark

– Too quick to say anything about the consequences – NRK Troms and Finnmark

– We’re taking this matter very seriously, and this is a situation we should avoid, says Randy Brendberg, head of department at Hells North.

264 patients were affected at both the University Hospital of Northern Norway, Finmark Hospital, Nordland Hospital and Helgeland Hospital.

The error was discovered on Friday last week, after UNN was notified that there was an error in the request sent from GP in November last year.

Over the weekend, X-ray requests were reviewed at all hospitals in Hells Nord.

As a result, patients are not given an appointment for an X-ray examination, and for some it is delayed.

Investigates the magnitude of the error

Of the 264 patients, 115 did not receive an X-ray examination, and in other cases a new request was insisted or sent.

Hospitals are now working to ensure that affected patients get an appointment as soon as possible.

However, the Health Commission can say nothing about the consequences of delay for every patient.

Randy Brandberg

According to Randy Brendberg, department head of Hells North, what happened was a combination of several mistakes.

Photo: Hells North

– Until now we have not been able to find out, says Brentberg.

Hells North is also working to investigate the extent of the error.

– Can’t you deny that there are more than 264 requests you have found so far?

– It is very difficult to answer. This is the number we have been dealing with so far, which is constantly being followed.

Dual system error

The reason for the error occurs for a number of reasons. Hells Nord describes this as a dual system error.

– Both false type referrals have been used and the hospital settings have not captured the requests.

The bug is being further investigated and both hospitals, suppliers and Hells Nord IKD have now implemented solutions to prevent the bug from happening again.

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