Top 5 digital trends in the automotive industry

The world is not standing still, the technological process is developing very rapidly. Digital transformation is currently one of the main trends in the global automotive industry. Spending by the world’s leading automotive companies on information and digital solutions is increasing year by year, and the number of new developments and pilot projects is growing. Let’s take a closer look at some digital trends in the automotive industry today.

1. Digital test drive

Due to the AR technology now there is no need to spend a lot of time visiting a car dealership and choosing a vehicle as it can all be done online staying at home. Moreover, even the test drive can now be done in a digital format. With the help of AR you can literally sit behind the wheel of the car you like and even listen to the engine.

Aside from the digital test drive, there is no need to purchase a car now at all if you only need it for a certain period of time. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of car rental services. This can be called a test drive, only for a longer period, since everyone can hire a vehicle of any class and model for the required number of hours or days. Best car rental offers a wide range of automobiles, and the specialists of the service provide you with comfort and safety during the trip.

2. Digital safety 

One of the most exciting improvements in automotive design today is employing augmented reality technology in order to increase driving safety . By using AR, drivers are literally able to see right through the traffic on the road, for example, keeping an eye on the big truck that’s driving ahead or on the cars around in front when making a turn. This would make driving much safer than ever before.

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3. Data collection and analysis

Artificial intelligence is being actively used by car manufacturers, one of the functions of which is to collect data about drivers of their cars. In this way, such connected cars will gather a great amount of data concerning main routes, driving habits, preferred music, favorite restaurants and gas stations of the driver, and so on.

4. Connectivity to the Internet

This topic has been discussed for several years, but in the near future it is going to become so wide-spread that it will no longer be a trendy additional feature. The possibility to connect to the Internet will become standard in every single car. Drivers today want to have access to social media, music, right while driving as well as at any other time. Today, the automobile is the place where life goes on, people do their business and have a social life all at the same time.

5. Sensors for risk classification

A smart notification system has recently emerged to quickly inform emergency services of a problem on the road. The system works as follows. In case of an accident, a sensor is activated and the system automatically calls the proper phone number to report the emergency. Location information is provided, including whether the airbags have deployed. IoT technologies also include sensors that categorize the risk factor on the road. Special programs determine driver behavior on the road based on such criteria as speed , acceleration, sharp turns, the number of kilometers traveled and collect the data in the system.

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Be prepared that in the next few years, the automobile industry will completely switch to self-driving cars and the driver will only have to put his hands on the wheel and drive himself occasionally. Well, until the future arrives, let’s enjoy the present and take advantage of digital innovations.

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