February 3, 2023


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Top generals fear Putin's move

Top generals fear Putin’s move

It has been 73 days since Russia – by order of President Vladimir Putin – invaded Ukraine.

Since then, there has been almost constant fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, and now Russia is running out of resources, according to British intelligence.

The development is said to have led to panic in the Russian camp, with many generals fearing they would be blamed for what is referred to as a “failed invasion,” he writes. times.

– Scapegoat

There are many indications that things haven’t exactly gone according to Putin’s plan in recent months, which he should have done. The boss is angry. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace believes it is very likely that military leaders will soon be blamed for the development.

He told the newspaper that the Russian General Staff would become a scapegoat for Putin’s roots, claiming that pressured generals were now beginning to blame each other for setbacks for fear of being “purged” by the president.


IN RUINS: The village of Novotoshkivsky in eastern Ukraine has been in ruins as a result of the country’s war. Video: Lugansk People’s Republic.
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– Putin would be stupid if he blamed Gerasimov (Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of Russia, San newspaper. He adds that this was not a military decision, but a political one, and he should be responsible for the decision he made.

Recently several top Russian generals visited the front in Ukraine. Among them was the chief of defense Gerasimov, whom experts described as “extremely abnormal.”

Wallace, who observed a military maneuver with British troops and tanks in Finland on Thursday, claims that Russian generals are approaching the front line in an attempt to “change the trajectory” of the Russian offensive.

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– They do it by screaming and yelling at people, but it does not give the best result, he says without making it clear what he puts in it.

responses: The video clip showing Vladimir Putin signing the Veronika Stepanova medal provokes reactions from the Norwegian camp. Video: red card.
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– convinced

Lieutenant Colonel and Military Strategy Instructor at the Swedish Defense College, Joachim Pacekevi, also believes that the Russian president will point to a scapegoat.

– I’m convinced you’ll catch a scapegoat, he says Aftonbladet.


– If there is widespread discontent in the defense or in the General Staff, there is reason to do the purge. The problem with dictatorships is who is to blame – not always the culprits.

– kills the generals

Ukrainian authorities claim to have killed 12 Russian generals during the war.

On Thursday it became known that It is said that US intelligence helped Ukraine find and kill Russian generals.

Among other things, the United States is said to have provided Ukraine with continuous information about Russian military headquarters, which is frequently transmitted. In addition, American intelligence will help with information about the movements of Russian soldiers.