Torrent, Youth | Heine advances to the second round at the Physics Olympiad: – I didn’t quite believe it

743 students from all over the country participated in the first round of the Physics Olympiad. Only 74 went.

For five of them, the international final in Tokyo in Japan in the summer is the goal.

How things fit together interests me

Brendstuen has always been fond of mathematics and chose Physics 1 as his sophomore year in high school. Physics 2 is not part of the offer at school, and Brendstuen takes this as a special subject.

This means that he himself is responsible for his upbringing and education.

– We have two guided lessons per week with teacher Ola Iver Røe. It’s been a huge help, says Brendstuen.

He said it was the teacher who suggested that the Pirates sign up for the national contest.

“The combination of mathematics and how things relate to physics intrigues me, so I said yes,” says Brendstuen.

He will train until the end of January

The second round begins at the end of January.

Brendstuen will have his final exam before Christmas, after which he will have finished the subject.

– I’ll use the time until the second round to practice. The missions in the first round were difficult, and I expect they will be even harder in the second. I really didn’t believe it, so I guess I’m going to have to throw up.

In the second round, the goal is to be among the top twenty. This one-week course is offered at the University of Oslo’s Department of Physics.

The residency ends with a selection test, a Norwegian final, where five participants are selected for the international final. Works in Japan.

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For Brendstuen, it’s important he does his best, so time will tell how far he can go.

When it comes to the future, he plans to pursue science.

– I thought a little about NTNU and civil engineering. But, there are tough admission requirements, so we’ll see, says Brendstuen.

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