Total nonsense, Listhaug – VG

Total nonsense, Listhaug - VG

At long last: Sylvie Listag said in the Storting on Monday that politicians are paralyzed and playing political games.

Sylvi Listhaug presents Storting’s worst power policy.

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The Storting decided to cancel its own vacation this summer and hastily convened itself to solve the electricity crisis.

This is how they can ignite their aura. On Monday, opposition politicians drew some attention.

Sylvie Listag went too far. as Storting said the war in Ukraine was being used as an excuse for high electricity prices.

He criticized other politicians for both political games and paralysis of action. And that power support is rubbish.

And pickpocket is relative. Earlier this year, Lystock ditched his electric car and bought one Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. She endured And said the price of petrol is a robbery. So in a car, according to the motor, it uses 1.77 liters per mile.

And of course it is entirely up to her. But would you get energy advice from here?

FRP’s energy policy has also become wasteful and pathetic. It’s worse than Rødt.

More review: Rødt’s Bjørnar Moxnes will change the whole energy policy. In a video on YouTube, he shows Ap and H lying about the power crisis.

Sylvi Listhaug believes that both cabin owners, ordinary people and businessmen should pay a maximum of 50 øre/kWh. The rest will be covered by the government.

Even within the FRP, central members understand how irresponsible this is. But nothing is said outside.

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Because the problem now is that we have very little electricity and sick magazines. Then we need to save. Otherwise there will be rationing and blackout.

Sylvi Listhaug represents a principle that breaks the power structure.

Det Rødt, in addition to the 35 øre/kWh maximum price, At the other end is at least one proposal to limit consumption.

However, with Listhaug’s plan, data centers, like Norwegian winter tomatoes and aluminum, will all be more profitable to bake in Norway. We will definitely get foreign companies with such prices. For example Bit Coin Mining.

When we faced a severe power crisis 20 years ago, politicians launched massive savings campaigns aimed at consumers.

Now, however, everything from Frp to sports and homeowners believe the government should pay more than 50 øre. And it’s so expensive that we’re not going to increase consumption.

This is nonsense.

The problem in 2002 was dry weather and sick water reservoirs. In the post-Christmas winter of 2003, electricity prices averaged more than a kroner.

There was a danger in the ration. Energy-intensive industries shut down much of their production. Fortunately, the mild weather came to an end.

Shocked. After that it was the same It is an assessment.

What everyone agreed then was that security of supply should be improved.

Carl I. Hagen, then leader of the Frp, was among those who named themselves in the opposition. Together Along with party colleagues, he made demands at the Storting About making more contacts abroad.

That spring, Statenet began planning a new overseas cable to Great Britain.

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It was to depart from Kvildal in Norway. They called it the North Sea Interconnector. The government rejected the application. They thought that cable was not profitable.

The cable from Kvilldal was opened on October 1 last year after 20 years.

Since then, everyone has been arguing why electricity is so expensive. Many people have correctly pointed out this cable.

Because it has a fault.

But the most important reason is the war in Ukraine and the gas war launched by Putin in August 2021.

No matter how tired Sylvie Lisstock was of that explanation.

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