Total silence

Total silence

– People can’t afford it these days. I hope Jonas has learned by now.

Rad politician Seher Ayder doesn’t like the Prime Minister going to a private doctor, as Dogbladet has done. Tell me last week. An hour’s visit to the store, a private company run by Volvo, costs at least NOK 1,700.

– Storr does as others do with good advice – they lurk in line. But he must stand neatly in line and wait for the help he needs. Aydar adds that not everyone can buy their way out of the health care queue, and the Prime Minister should definitely show solidarity with all these people.

It was during a charity match during the Norway Cup, when he had to take a penalty kick, that the App boss got his real blow. The ball went over the middle of the goal by the goalkeeper – a penalty shooter’s dream. Storr tells Talkblade that he doesn’t regret using a private doctor.

Review: Red Politician Seher Aidar. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP
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Dos Kergol

The Labor Party is against further privatization of the health care system, which the party program also underlines. Even Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Ap) is clear that the government should not “encourage the private sector” in the health system.

Waterfalls: Prime Minister Jonas Kahr tastes the grass as he takes a penalty in a celebrity match during the Storr Norway Cup. Video: Dagbladet TV
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Kjerkol, on the other hand, did not want to comment on Store’s visit to a private doctor. However Dagbladet is aware that the case has attracted domestic attention in Ap.

– Storr has an important job, Aydar. Maybe he needs to be a little more pragmatic here?

– Yes, he has an important job. But there are many people in Norway who have important jobs and can’t just pay thousands of kroner to go to a private doctor, says Seher Eidar.

I hope he learned

He refers to the visit as a declaration of bankruptcy.

– Here we see that the problem created by Erna Solberg was not solved by Jonas Kahr Storr. I hope he sees that something needs to be done about the health system when he has to buy a private doctor.

– What do you hope he learns?

– Our healthcare system is full of loopholes.

– Storr says he has no regrets?

– In general, I don’t think it’s the people who buy private services that are the problem. But it is different when the Prime Minister does it. He represents a government that says it wants to reduce commercial services in the health care system. He represents the common people.

– Should the store be affected by policy?

– As a matter of principle, no one should suffer. That is my opinion. Aydar says no one, not the common man or the prime minister, should have to pay to get better health services than others.

Got coaching advice

The store is clear that it has done nothing wrong.

– People operating in Norway are fully allowed, I don’t stand in anyone’s way.

– Isn’t this a privilege that should be available in the public health system?

– I don’t know that the public should be time-consuming sports experts. For me, it’s important to get advice on how to recover from this and practice it again.

It remains to be seen whether the private healthcare service has had the desired effect on the poor foot.

– I follow the training now, and then I can hope that it will heal, says Storr.

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