– Totally sick – VG

- Totally sick - VG
Trier: Rinat Rensev as Julie in Joachim Trier’s The Worst Man in the World. The film is Joachim Trier’s latest film “The Oslo Trilogy”, which also includes the films “Repress” (2006) and “Oslo, August 31” (2011).

US website IndieWire believes that the Norwegian actor may end up with an Oscar nomination for the role in the latest Joachim Trier movie.


IndieWire, a website that specializes in film and film criticism, has predicted that Reinsev could be nominated for an Academy Award for his lead role in Joachim Trier’s new movie “The World’s Worst Man.”

“This is totally sick and totally insane,” said Rinat Renzvi who was just told about choosing IndieWire when VG calls.

employment IndieWire’s list of who think they could be nominated for an Academy Award It is Reinsve’s name that can be found among actors such as Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Hudson. Rensvie himself has been rated as the “most likely candidate”.

“Hat, sir, there are so many great and wonderful names on that list, so it is very strange to see his name there,” she says.

– great by itself

Earlier this summer, she took part in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival – where “The Worst Man in the World” was shown – with the storm. During the award ceremony during the festival She also won Best Actress For his interpretation of the main character Jolie.

But it’s not that she’s going now hoping for an Academy Award nomination.

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“For me, it’s great in itself that IndieWire, a large, independent movie site, thinks I’m one of those who can be nominated,” she says.

Won: Rinat Renzvi during the awards ceremony in Cannes, where she won the award for Best Actress.

After all that happened in Cannes with “The World’s Worst Man,” a lot has happened about Renzvi, but she told VG that she can’t yet say anything about what exactly happened.

– There have been a lot of meetings, and yes, exciting plans are in the works. Now we are also looking forward to the premiere of the film in the USA. She says it will be exciting.

References: A Cannes Prize could help

It’s worth noting that Reinsve is considered a “hot candidate” by IndieWire, says Morten Staley Nielsen, a VG reviewer.

“IndieWire is a respected publication with a special heart for independent film production, somewhat in opposition to the industry’s more commercially oriented gospels Variety and The Hollywood Reporter,” he says.

Much will depend on how the “Worst Man in the World” succeeds in the US market. There are Americans who sit on the Oscar jury, and they tend to be happier with films that have done well, that many have seen. It is clear that the Cannes Prize will be an invaluable help in this regard. And the movie and Reinsve’s efforts in it are really good.

“The World’s Worst Man” premiere in Norway on October 15.

Here you can read VG’s review of the film: Wounded, funny, wise.

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