Touch screen and in-car infotainment system:

Touch screen and in-car infotainment system:

In March of this year, a 47-year-old Porsche driver from Sandefjord was fined for illegal use of a mobile phone when it was stopped at a police checkpoint, the site wrote. engine.

When the man did not accept the 5,000 kroner fine, the police took him to court to convict him.

Porsche Taycan: This is the car the guy was driving, which the police stopped. Photo: Ron M Neshem
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However, the district court acquitted the man, because they believe the policewoman may have thought the monitor in the Porsche was a mobile phone, Motor writes.

“The court particularly notes that the touch screen is not much larger than a mobile phone, and that it is in the knee and thigh. Thus the defendant’s interpretation cannot be ruled out,” the local court wrote.

The verdict is astounding, because there is still a long way to go between each time motorists are cleared of using a mobile phone, and when the prosecution takes them to court. At the same time, many have shouted that turning on the infotainment screens without buttons in modern cars is at least as dangerous while driving, as is a mobile phone.

steals attention

Senior communications advisor Nils Soudal at NAF thinks it’s important to focus entirely on driving the car, when you’re behind the wheel.

Distractions mean taking your attention away from the important driving task, he explains to Dinside.

Are screens in the car better when they can be confused with cell phones?

Even if you are allowed to operate the monitor in the car while driving, it is wise to limit its use. If you want to use the navigation system, adjust it before driving.

can be taken anyway

UP Acting Director Roar Skjelbred Larsen told Dinside that screen use in a vehicle could be affected by the general precautionary rule contained in the Road Traffic Code, Section 3.

Every different uses in the car, making you look away from the road can mean you’re not getting the information needed to travel safely in traffic, he explains.

It is the driver’s responsibility to observe the precautionary principle while driving.

– We comply with current regulations regarding improper use of mobile phones, but it is clear that car control screens can also steal a lot of attention from driving and pose a danger in line with improper use of mobile phones, therefore we encourage drivers to always have full concentration On leadership, says Larsen.

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