Tourism boom: new complaints

Tourism boom: new complaints

Many of Europe's most popular holiday destinations are full of tourist haters.

Many of them have begun to impose a tourism tax.

This spring, locals in the Canary Islands took to the streets to protest mass tourism, which they believe is destroying them.

- go home!

– go home!

Even tourists have had enough

But now it seems that even tourists are bored.

On the popular Greek holiday island of Santorini, even tourists complain that there are too many people and too much crowding.

This was revealed in a recent tourism survey from Greece Fly Smart24.

Large numbers of tourists lead to queues and stampedes. There has long been concern about the chaos that occurs when tourists argue.

Violent protests

Violent protests

800 cruise ships visited it last year

Santorini is a small island with a population of only 15,500 people. Every year more than 5.5 million tourists come to enjoy the beautiful island, a number that has doubled since 2012. Telegraph.

Last year alone, 800 cruise ships visited the island, making it the most popular cruise ship destination in Greece.

The tourism report stated that Greece must take measures if the country wants to maintain its status as a popular travel destination as it is today, according to the online newspaper. Keep talking about Greece. Tourism accounts for more than a quarter of the country's total economic output.

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