Towards a government message to pensioners: – Pension robbery

Towards a government message to pensioners: - Pension robbery

This week, the pensioners’ union became angry with the government, after a proposal, the union does so. Pensioners lose two billion kroner.

Now both Rødt and Frp announce that they are trying to deploy it.

– This is a pension robbery. Through a calculation trick, one avoids delivering on what is promised to retirees. I feel like this violates a purpose and is something we should try to deploy in Sorting says Mimir Christzanson (red)

– The removal of under-restrictions on pensions was a major turning point for Frp as it led to a weakening of the purchasing power of pensioners. So I’m incredibly disappointed on behalf of all the retirees who did not increase the purchasing power they expected this year with good reason, ”says Sylvie Listack, FRP President.

Read the case here: – The government will take two billion kroner from pensioners.

– Cub from the state

During the previous parliamentary term, the Labor Party, the Green Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party reached an agreement in Sporting on how to regulate pensions. Simply explained:

From the pension reform in 2011 to the present, pensions have increased by 0.75 per cent in line with wage growth. Going forward, pensions will be equal to the average of wage and price growth, but not higher than wage growth.

The average wage growth last year was 3.5 percent. This is 1.1 percentage points higher than the wage growth expected when officials introduced the pension regime. According to the Pensioners’ Association, the tradition of resolving this discrepancy is long overdue and the association expects pensions to be followed.

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So when the government proposed to give half of this arrears to pensioners, there was great surprise in the ranks of the Pensioners Association. This is a loss of two billion kroner for retirees – or about 1,500 kroner per pensioner, according to Rødt’s calculations.

– It is small from the state. Over time, pensioners received bad advice on electricity bills and unregulated pensions, yet these calculator scams robbed every NOK of 1,500. This is not a small amount of money for a minimum pensioner, says Christo Johnson.

Secretary of State Trolls Wickham (Labor) said earlier this week that if Nettavisen had been lower than the Ministry of Wage Development’s estimates, the Pensioners’ Union would not have argued strongly. Read the full answer of the case here.

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Hope for another round

The case is currently under consideration by the Labor and Social Affairs Committee. The committee has until March 1 to submit its recommendation.

– I know the ministry is right, they know how to save money when they see the opportunity for it. On the other hand, as politicians, we have a job that is different from the population, and we see pensioners being cheated out of NOK 1,500, says Christzanson.

He hopes the parties in Sorting will now clean up together. Christ Johnson points out the lack of money after giving money to the state Sky-high oil pricesGas and Force recently.

Sylvi Listhaug points out that Social Security settlements have a long tradition of correcting deviations between estimates and actual growth.

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– He says it is unheard of for the government not to follow it.

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