Toyota bZ4x – At least a thousand customers affected by a fatal error:

Toyota bZ4x - At least a thousand customers affected by a fatal error:

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(Elbil24): Elbil24 knows that Toyota sent a letter to its customers on Wednesday and stated that they are finally in the process of resolving the chaos surrounding the newcomer bZ4X.

In June, it became known that Toyota had to postpone the delivery of the car to its customers.

The error includes a Danger of falling wheels due to issues with wheel bolts, and in June Toyota stated that it had no solution in place.

big delay

The delay and lack of information caused many bZ4X customers to become impatient and anxious.

From the new year, the exemption from VAT will be removed and customers are naturally afraid to pay more for a car they ordered long ago – and were meant to have.

– It is true that we contacted our clients yesterday and informed them that the solution is approaching. Things are getting better, says Espen Olsen, Toyota’s CIO to Elbil24.

near the end of october

Olsen can’t say anything about what the solution entails, but in the information being communicated to customers, Toyota appears to be “expecting a solution at the end of October.”

It’s hard to be more specific than this. Olsen says there are a number of things that are not clear yet.

– Several customers have expressed that they are considering terminating the contract with Toyota due to the uncertainty. What is your message to them?

– The same message we gave customers now. Olsen responds with a solution on the way.

We will consider VAT coverage

Toyota can’t provide specific information about the new delivery date, but says it will know more within a short time.

In the United States, Toyota offered to buy back the electric car from dissatisfied customers. At the same time, they entice customers Money, free fuel and free shipping Against them not to breach the contract.

In Norway, customers are concerned that delivery during the new year will increase the cost of the car as a result of the introduction of VAT.

– Will it cover value-added tax for customers in case of postponing delivery until 2023?

– It’s something we have to go back to. If it becomes relevant. Now we wait and see what tangible delivery information comes from, Olsen replies – and adds:

– In the meantime, we are looking into how to help customers with practical solutions such as loaned car, etc. We will take this into account with each individual client. We apologize for the problems caused by the delay to our customers.

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