Toyota bZ4X: – Cancel the car purchase? It can be expensive

Toyota bZ4X: - Cancel the car purchase?  It can be expensive

(Elbil24): “There will be a phone call with the seller tomorrow,” a bZ4X owner wrote on Facebook recently. In Toyota bZ4X Owners Group Norway we find many similar posts.

The background is Elbil24s Scope detection On the electric car model mentioned above. This has created uncertainty among some of those who have ordered the car, and many naturally fear that they have purchased a vehicle that does not live up to expectations.

At the same time, Toyota states that it takes the situation very seriously and that they are working hard to find solutions.

Many challenges

We use Toyota as an example, but they are far from alone in facing the challenges in today’s auto market. Many importers, for example, struggle with long delivery times, and various forums are full of comments from people who’ve found a bit of everything to put their finger on their newly purchased car.

At the same time, we live in a time of great financial uncertainty, and many more people than before have to hand over kroner to make ends meet. Cars that cannot be delivered before the New Year can be subject to both VAT and weight tax – thus becoming significantly more expensive, which does not fit well with tight budgets.

What rights do you have?

In other words, there can be many reasons why you might want to cancel the contract you entered into with the seller.

So — in general, what rights do you have in a situation where you’re considering canceling the car purchase?

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According to the Norwegian Consumer Purchase Act, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase of the vehicle as long as it is completed for Delivery. This means that in such cases the seller cannot keep the purchase or claim payment for the vehicle.

However, there is a file but Here: In the event that the customer and the seller do not agree on the cancellation fee, the seller can claim compensation for the losses resulting from the cancellation. The Consumer Council shall be informed of the following:

“This compensation can be high, as the seller can claim compensation for lost profits, among other things. So cancellation is not a cheap way out of the agreement.”

Check your contract

If you are among the customers considering canceling a Toyota bZ4X order – or any other order for that matter, you should check your contract carefully and check if you entered into an agreed cancellation fee. to me Automotive Attorney Eric Tegeland Is it common for a contract to contain a predetermined cancellation fee.

If you don’t have a cancellation fee in the contract, you should contact the seller and ask them what the cancellation cost will be. The cost will likely depend on whether or not production of the car has begun, and how much time is left before the car is delivered.

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If the cancellation is for an easily negotiable item, it will also be difficult for the seller to charge you a large amount in cancellation costs.

We also know of cases where the buyer was allowed to withdraw from the contract without consideration. This is often associated with cars with a long waiting list, and where there are other customers waiting for a similar configuration. However, it doesn’t take much before the “redistribution” does a lot of work for the seller, so you’re in luck here if you avoid fees.

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Confirms that clients will be contacted

Elbil24 has been in contact with Toyota to see if they have an appeal for customers who are on the fence.

They assure us that they are working on the information that will be shared with the merchants, who in turn make direct contact with their customers.

As far as Elbil24 knows, this communication will be made in writing to affected customers, and in the near future.

Since the test was published, the organization has been working on high alert, both in Norway and in Europe. In the near future, technicians from Japan will come to Norway to survey the causes and measures.

Do you have experience canceling a car purchase and want to tell others about it? Send us an email!

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