Toyota bZ4X: expected to be the best seller in Norway

Toyota bZ4X: expected to be the best seller in Norway

Toyota bZ4X is the brand’s first all-electric passenger car, also built on a dedicated electric vehicle platform.

The SUV places itself in a tough category, and will compete with models like the Volkswagen ID.4, Ford Mustang Match E and Tesla Model Y — to name a few.

Thousands of Norwegians asked. It was expected to be one of the best-selling cars in Norway. Perhaps even a bestseller this year.

The plan was to start deliveries this summer. This is not how it would be.


The background is a recall for all bZ4Xs in North America, Europe and Asia. Globally, about 2,700 vehicles are covered. Retrieval is done after setting the challenge with the wheel bolts.

Toyota puts customer safety first, thus we are holding all vehicles involved until the issue is resolved. In Norway, there are a total of 461 cars already produced. There are only a few cars displayed in front of the dealers who have received banners so far. We have control over these, and they won’t be used until further notice, says CIO Espen Olsen at Toyota Norway.

It could be the best-selling car in Norway this year

Toyota chose a completely new design for the interior.

waiting for clarification

– We are now working on the cause and solution to the problem, and we are still waiting for clarification from Toyota Central. Unfortunately, delays in delivering the bZ4X to customers should be expected in the future, and Toyota dealers will constantly reach out to each individual customer ordering the vehicle as soon as more information becomes available, Olsen says.

The new bZ4X is available with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

With front-wheel drive, the car starts at 411,400 crowns. For an SUV, the starting price is 438,500 NOK. The latter has a new all-wheel drive system that uses individual electric motors on the front and rear axles.

Here we met the Toyota electric car in Belgium

The bZ4X could become a familiar sight on Norwegian roads - once vehicle deliveries begin.

The bZ4X could become a familiar sight on Norwegian roads – once vehicle deliveries begin.

Its range is 511 kilometers

The car comes with a single 71.2 kW battery. Type-certified WLTP figures show the front-wheel drive model has a range of 511 km on a fully charged battery, with a consumption of 14.5 kW/100 km. For the bZ4X all-wheel drive, the official range is 466 km, with a consumption of 16.0 kW / 100 km.

Toyota also gives a very good warranty on the battery. It then offers an optional extended maintenance program for owners, which guarantees battery capacity of 70 percent after ten years, or one million kilometers by car.

Here is our first test of the Toyota electric car

Video: Watch our first encounter with the Toyota bZ4X:

Here we met a Toyota electric car in Belgium, before Christmas last year

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