Trade and consumer Innovative Minced Meat Grip: – Very big difference in price

Trade and consumer  Innovative Minced Meat Grip: – Very big difference in price

(Electronic newspaper:) On Saturday, Martha Yettervik posted a video on TikTok. The video shows four “identical” top-tier products at very different prices. Two of the products are minced meat and two are puff pastry. The difference is that two of them are frozen and the other two are not.

Tik Tok video has gained a lot of attention. At the time of writing, it has 403,096 views and 15,100 likes.

Yttervik told Nettavisen she chose to share the tip because she thinks it's nice to have cheaper alternatives when grocery prices are high.

It is nice to have alternative, clean and cheaper raw materials, especially now with the rise in grocery prices.

In the comments section, she was praised for her savings advice:

– Obviously there don't seem to be a lot of people who have caught on. The response also says little about what prices exist today.

-The price difference is very large

Yttervik found the products at grocery chain Kiwi. The video shows that fresh minced meat costs NOK 62.90, while frozen meat costs NOK 39.90. Carbonated dough in the refrigerator costs NOK 72.90, while carbonated dough in the freezer costs NOK 44.90.

This equates to a price difference of NOK 23 and NOK 28 for four items of equal quantity and content. All products contain only beef and weigh 400 grams. The table of contents is exactly the same.

Frozen minced meat doesn't look very appetizing, but there is a big difference in price.

Yttervik himself has several packages in the refrigerator. I've tried making everything from spaghetti to ground beef tacos.

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– Someone mentioned in the comments section that they thought it tasted a little differentDecember.

Martha disagrees.

– I do not think so. The ingredients are exactly the same.

run out!

After the conversation with Nettavisen, Yttervik returns to his small store to shop.

To her great surprise, she saw that it was empty of frozen ground beef and pancake batter.

– It is completely sold out today, writes Ytervik in a message.

Nettavisen contacted Kiwi, the grocery chain where Yttervik found the products. Nora Mael Helgesen, communications director at Kiwi, says it's too early to say anything about a sales boost after Marthe's video went viral.

New product

On the other hand, Helgesen reveals that the first-class frozen ground beef is a new product.

– FifthI received top quality frozen ground beef in the spring. We had a large stock of frozen beef.

She says it was a measure to contribute to reducing food waste in the value chain.

– This way, we will be able to use the meat that is already in the freezer pantry. It's hard to say how much time we'll have. For now, it's working well, but it also depends on how much frozen beef is available in the future.

Helgesen mentions that Kiwis have frozen ground beef before, but that was many years ago.

-Is there anything that distinguishes the frozen product from the fresh one?

-The difference is that frozen raw materials were used for freezing.

This is what distinguishes First Price Meat from other brands

Frozen products sell relatively well, but not nearly as well as other types, Helgesen says.

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We sell one-sixth the amount of Grade A frozen puff pastry dough as fresh, and one-tenth the amount of frozen Grade A ground meat as fresh.

– What distinguishes First Price minced meat and patties from other brands?

– Some brands, such as Gild, are only Norwegian meat. For the first price, we can use imports in periods when there is not enough Norwegian meat available.

– Obviously we want to sell as many Norwegian goods as possible, and only import when there are no Norwegian goods available. If imported meat is used, the packaging is clearly labeled.

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