Traffic, accident | Fledgling: Tasks are queued up

Traffic, accident |  Fledgling: Tasks are queued up

The Winter King returned in full force. Already on Saturday night, it snowed heavily, and there were thunderstorms throughout the day. This causes delays for motorists, bus and air passengers.

Emergency services in the West, for their part, have had their hands full with many traffic accidents.

At 0800: Traffic accident in Kvinnherad. Two cars were involved and police said there were very slippery road surfaces. No one was injured in the accident.

At 1420 hours: Face to face in Grimesvingene. After the head-on collision the Hartangerwagen was completely blocked for an hour and a half. There were four children and three adults in the cars. One of the drivers and a passenger were taken to Bergen Emergency Department. Police said they were not seriously injured.

At 1447 hours: Accident on the Rongesund bridge in Oygarden. A car with two adults and two children should drive in a control cabinet for light regulation. All four were sent to Hackland Hospital for evaluation. They were awake and conscious when they were taken away by ambulance.

At 1835 hours: Lavikvegen in Hoyanger is closed just south of Vadheim due to the recovery of a semi-trailer.

In 1900: Face to face at Slettevegen in Alver. Two cars containing a total of six people were trapped. The 110 center reported that 3 of them were children. All exited the vehicles without serious injury. However, the vehicles were heavily damaged.

In 1908: Ekrhovdvegen in Øygarden is closed due to bus recovery.

In 1922: A car ended up on its side after landing at Biltøybakken. It is said that there were two people in it and the driver was not at the scene. A 50-year-old woman, believed by police to be a passenger, was taken to Hackland by ambulance. She was conscious but still needed medical supervision. The police are looking for the driver as he is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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In 2000: Traffic accident at Gloppen in Sunnfjord. A car with two people inside is said to have veered off the road and was on its side. The occupants were reportedly permanently in the vehicle, but were not injured.

Also in the afternoon, a bus left the road in Hardwick.

– Demand day on the roads

A car that crashed in Alwar must have crossed the oncoming lane while driving on the curve, says Stine Mjelde, Operations Manager, West Police District.

– It must have tried to pull away but hit another car in front. That might have something to do with the driver, Mjelde says, pointing out that it was a grueling day on the roads.

– I think we’re up to traffic accident number twelve, so that’s the day for it.

I plowed on

Håkon Myking at 110 Central confirms that it was a busy day for the day shift at the fire service and that they were called to several traffic accidents during Saturday.

And the transport operator at Vegtrafiksentralen West, Jan Andreas Omdal, describes the day as busy.

– There have been many traffic accidents in our area, and this may be related to the snowy weather. “Obviously it’s brought us more phones,” says Omdal, who drove by himself today.

– Even though the plows have been running continuously for the last 24 hours, I see the snow is melting fast and the roads are quickly becoming slippery.

There were several traffic incidents in the Bergen area on Friday. The most serious was in 2000, when a car drove over a cliff and almost ended up in Nordåsvannet.

We will have to wait and see how Sunday goes.

– There will be less rain tomorrow, so I think the driving conditions will be a bit better. But Omdel urges people to be careful and drive according to the conditions.

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