January 27, 2023


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Traffic accidents cause problems: - Long queues on the E6

Traffic accidents cause problems: – Long queues on the E6

– This leads to long queues. It’s a stretch with a lot of traffic, and now there’s actually a line up to Skedsmokerset, says Trude Lindstad, transport operator from Vegtrafiksentralen East to Dagbladet.

The first incident was an ambulance and car accident between Hvam and Tangerud at around 1.50pm on Thursday.

The transport operator says there were no injuries.

– A quarter of an hour later, we received news of a lorry train queuing up. This happened exactly at Djupdalstoppen in the direction of Oslo. Lindstad says the two separate incidents in almost the same place will lead to long, long queues back on the E6.

A little later, she reports another wagon train stopping between Hvam and Jubdalstappen.

According to Vegtrafiksentralen, the police say there is only a small cleanup after the accident between the ambulance and the car.

At 14.58, the Road Transport Center writes that the road is open to traffic after the accident, but the lorry train is still causing problems.

– A truck train is parked in the middle of the track behind the accident scene, waiting for rescuers. This means the back row dissolves very slowly after a crash, they write on Twitter.

Half an hour later, they report that a wagon train rescue is about to take place at Djupdalen.

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