Traffic, accidents | Long queues after a traffic accident in Førde

Traffic, accidents |  Long queues after a traffic accident in Førde

At 8.16pm on Monday, the police received a report of a traffic accident on the E39 Brulandsvegen in Pindalen in Førde.

Two cars with a total of four people were trapped, but no one was trapped.

Cars were partly on the road, partly in ditches, and there were queues and traffic at the site slowed.

The police patrol arrived at the scene ten minutes after they first received the report, at 20.26, informed Stein Mjelde Firda in the police operations center.

At 20.41, an ambulance arrived at the scene and searched for those involved.

– Everyone involved is out of the cars, talking and alert. No leaks or smoke from cars. But there is some traffic jam. We have a good overview of the site and started with manual routing, says Mjelde.

Parking spaces are requested.

Ole Marius Larsen was the chief of police there. He said there was moderate damage to the cars involved.

– None of those involved showed signs of serious injury. He says some of them may have received minor injuries but I can’t confirm that.

An ambulance was dispatched from the city, but Larson had no record of how many people were in it.

– What can you say about the sequence of events?

– Curriculum is what we will study to find out. We are opening a case on the accident, says Larsen.

It is not yet known what speed the two cars involved were traveling in and what direction they were traveling in before the collision. Stine Mjelde at the police operations center said there is currently no suspicion of intoxication, but it will be discovered by the police on the spot.

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