Traffic, Tesla | Eric punishes Tesla: – Completely hopeless

Traffic, Tesla |  Eric punishes Tesla: – Completely hopeless

(The newspaper online): – I will never own a Tesla again. It’s tragic, Eric Pearson tells Nettavisen.

In October 2020, Pearson bought a new Tesla Model X for around NOK 950,000.

The car was running well at first, but when winter came Eric experienced heavy fog on the windows. There were also problems with braking.

“It was dangerous to drive,” Pearson says of the car’s first winter on the roads.

Pearson complained to Tesla. “It’s fog in the whole car,” Pearson wrote, among other things, in March 2021. At the same time, he mentioned a number of other faults that the experienced driver noticed:

One of the “wing doors” is faulty and the sensor had to be replaced, there is excessive condensation in the tail lights, the glass on one of the “wing doors” needs adjustment and the wipers need to be replaced. Bugs have been fixed.

Mikkel Friis of the Information Board for Road Traffic (OFV) says there are currently 107,829 Teslas in Norway. Are you having problems with your Tesla? Contact the journalist here.

Why does Tesla make such foolish cars?

– a lot of nonsense and problems

But Tesla couldn’t find anything wrong with the air conditioner, and Persson was told it must be user error.

– I have owned a car for several years, many different cars. I think I understand how to use the heater. I’ve been complaining about this all the time.

That same summer, Pearson returned to Tesla’s workshop twice. Fog continues to cause problems. In addition, the drive shaft vibrates.

“They are going on vacation soon and don’t feel it is safe to drive,” the service person writes on the bill.

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Pearson was actually going to Lofoten.

– It was a big problem. I only have one big car. We also have a KIA with a range of 12 miles. The Tesla is our flagship car, but there has been a lot of nonsense and problems.

The drive shaft is replaced. An error message from the operating system also appears. Eric asks for a borrowed car.

Netavisen has attempted to reach out to Tesla for comment, to no avail.

Several trips to the workshop

In the past three years, Persson has visited Tesla’s workshops in Oslo, Drammen and Moss nine times in total. Nettavisen has seen the billing.

The car had charging problems, had to change a SIM card and there was a leak in the front window.

“I found out today that the right door pillar and seat belt are wet. Even here I have a water leak. Can you set up a watch so I can check the water leak? And I have to get a car on loan,” Eric wrote in a letter to Tesla in November 2022.

The service person writes on the bill that the water leakage was caused by misplacing the glass. The issue has been fixed, but it creates more challenges.

In April 2023, Pearson wrote a letter to the service center again:

“There are damages to the roof and moldings that were destroyed after the last service when I took the windshield off. Car still suddenly sour inside. This must be something wrong. It mentioned several times in the last 2 years. Heater malfunction? Sat 2 weeks ago I couldn’t Who opened the back doors. They called help but they couldn’t help. The next day it was fine again, but the sensor needs to be checked.”

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Cheaper cars lead to weaker results for Tesla

– I also reported damage to the roof shortly after it was repaired, but almost all messages with pictures and attachments are no longer available to me in the app, Pearson says.

The car is still a blur to this day.

– Completely hopeless. The car is kept in the garage during the winter. I can only use the car in the summer.

He reacts strongly to the customer service that Tesla has met him with.

The most frustrating thing is that you never talk to anyone. Everything goes through the app, and you can alternately communicate in English and Norwegian.

The car, which is worth over NOK 900,000, has led to many turbulent journeys. On a trip from Vinterbro to Oslo, he had to stop twice to air the car. The long drive to Elverum was nearly impossible.

Now he is considering taking legal action.

– I should try to sort it out in a completely different way with a lawyer or something. I need to get an expert opinion.

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