January 28, 2023


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Traffic: - Traffic accidents throughout Norway

Traffic: – Traffic accidents throughout Norway

Police report at 08.40 that the Oslofjord tunnel is closed due to a traffic accident. The extent of the damage is unknown.

– The road is closed in both directions. Police say emergency services are on the way.

The East Transport Center tells Dagbladet that a small area in Østfold – around Srpsborg, Fredrikstad and Halten – is very slippery.

Police report that it is very slippery on the Fv107 in Fredrikstad.

– Slippery and heavy vehicles skid across the cutoff. Police are blocking the road on both sides.

They note that both trucks and cars were involved in the problem on Monday morning.

– Avoid using this road now if possible, urges the police.

E6 is closed

On Monday morning, police received a report of a traffic accident in Halton. A bus and a car veered off the road. The police have reported that there is a traffic jam at the spot.

In Ånes in Viken, a person is taken to the emergency room for examination after a traffic accident between two cars.

In Trøndelag, there were also traffic problems on Monday morning. On the E6 in Trondheim near Moholtlia, a truck train lost its trailer.

– This leads to a lot of queues on the E6 in Trondheim, says Stian Gullvåg transport operator Vegtrafiksentralen to Dagbladet.

At 07.47 the Central Transport Center reports traffic problems in Namsskogan. E6 closed at Storholmen due to car recovery. Gulwak says it may take some time to open the road. Philberger is on site.

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Column driver

E6 closed on Saltfjell. At 08.17, the Northern Road Transport Center said that the column driver will be introduced soon.

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On county road 51 Valdresflye in Innlandet, the road is closed due to snowdrifts. The Norwegian Road Administration estimates the road could be reopened by 9am, but insists this is uncertain.

Vegtrafikksentralen writes on South Twitter at 07.30, there may be a queue at short notice on the E134 above Haukelifjell.

Assisted in traffic management

In Tromsø, a trailer blocks the road at Kattfjordeidet in Henrikvikdalen. They write that at 08.11 the police arrived at the scene and assisted the traffic management.

– The chain is attached to the trailer and moved. According to the police, the road remains open.

On Kringsjåveien in Bergen, the police received a report of a traffic accident between two cars.

– Police write that there were no serious injuries.

Cars should have been moved off the road, but police say this may still reduce some access.