Trailer cut at E6: Four drivers receive heavy fines

Trailer cut at E6: Four drivers receive heavy fines
Closed: There were morning traffic problems on the E6 in the zone.

It was expensive for show-loving drivers who filmed the scene of the crash on E6 on Friday morning.

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At 05.43, the police in Øst reported that a trailer had skidded and stopped across the E6 in the zone in the direction of Moss.

– It’s still there. Routing is in place at the site, and operations manager Ronnie Samuelson told VG two hours later that traffic would pass on one lane.

The entire road was reopened to traffic after 09.00 hrs.

Four people were fined

Samuelson says there were some dangerous circumstances surrounding the incident.

– Four drivers have been issued simplified notices because they filmed the scene of the accident while passing by. It is strongly recommended to focus on the road and traffic image instead of mobile phone.

As a result of the shooting, among other things, a police patrol driver was run over.

New Fees

The fine has increased by 30 percent on February 1 this year.

The change means, among other things, that you will be fined NOK 9,700 if you use a handheld mobile phone while driving.

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Massive criticism of increasing speeding fines: – It will be violent

The government has increased the fine for speeding by 30 percent. Trike Traffic is also reacting.

Many have reacted to the increase in fines. The Bar Association believes this is unfair and disproportionate, and Trike Traffic does not believe it will have the desired effect on traffic safety.

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It has also become a point of debate within the police force, where some police officers are understandably reluctant to issue fines.

– I understand very well that the individual police officer finds this unpleasant, Frod Andreasen, traffic officer in the Oslo police district, previously told VG.

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