Train, fly | It can be costly to choose eco-friendly travel options

Train, fly |  It can be costly to choose eco-friendly travel options

– Christopher Robin (MDG) says trains run very slowly, infrequently and at high cost.

If you live in the Oslo area and want to travel to the two major cities of Norway, Trondheim or Bergen, the possibilities are many. If you want to create as little weather trail as possible on the road, it can go beyond your wallet and schedule.

Our hands emit 340 grams of CO2 per kilometer, which is distributed to each passenger on a domestic flight, according to the framiden in perspective.

On a train journey, they estimate that the climatic trajectory per passenger per kilometer is 91 grams of CO2.

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Doc v. D

If you are going to buy a train ticket from Oslo to Bergen on the same day you are traveling, you will most likely have to pay 923 kroner. The cheapest ticket available on Friday is NOK 1,129.

If you plan to leave early and travel by train, you can escape the very low fare, but based on what Netvision sees, you need to book tickets at least two weeks in advance to get the cheapest tickets.

Regardless, what is common to ticket prices is that they are generally more expensive than the price of an air ticket to Bergen.

If you want to fly from Bergen and see various departures quickly, you can go to the capital of western Norway for 299 kroner and 399 kroner daily. This applies if you are going back to Oslo from Bergen.

Aside from the fact that the flight is very cheap, you also save time. The train journey takes six hours and 51 minutes, while a flight takes less time.

This also applies to Trondheim

If you travel by train from Oslo to Trentheim, the cheapest tickets will go to 399 kroner, but you are lucky. Every day you can buy such cheap train tickets to Bordeaux city, often it is a question of night trains.

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It is also not certain if the train will go directly to the terminal – from where you are going. As a rule, you have to get off the train at Lillehammer and then take another train or bus. If you get a ticket for a direct train to Trentheim, the journey takes six hours and 49 minutes. If you need to switch to a bus in Lillehammer, the journey takes seven hours and 36 minutes.

If you are flying from Oslo to Trentheim, the same rule applies. Every day you can fly to 299 kroner. The journey takes 55 minutes.

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To Stavanger

No Court Nordic responsibility for train service on the Oslo-Stavanger route. If you feel like traveling by train to the oil city, you will have to pay 1,119 kroner if you book a train ticket on the same day or the day before you travel, based on what Netavision sees. On weekends, train tickets are somewhat cheaper, but tickets are only available for two departures.

Again next week, the price of cheap tickets is 729 kroner, if you do not go by night train. Its price is 449 kroner.

The train journey from Oslo to Stavanger takes about eight hours, depending on where you depart. The night train is still an hour away.

If you are going to fly to Stavanger, cheap tickets are also available for 299 kroner.

A baby egg

One person who reacted to the ticket price differences was Christopher Robin Hawk, MDG’s incoming MP.

– This is completely wrong. Choosing an eco-friendly alternative should be easy and cheap, but unfortunately it is not today. Today trains run very slowly, infrequently and at high cost, says Hugh and continues:

– In our alternative national transportation program, we spend half of our money on trains. We have the money to reduce travel time, increase the number of departures and reduce prices between the big cities of Norway – a loving egg for all of us who love trains!

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Have line free train

– Should train travel be cheaper?

– Yes, of course. In the first event, we want to reduce the cost of trains and other public transportation by 20 percent across the country. Choosing trains over planes can be very tempting. In addition, we want to move tax-free sales from airports to foreign trains, so you get extra carats to choose from on the train when you go on city trips and business trips in Europe, he says.

If MTG is up, they will introduce lower prices for train tickets, higher departures, cheaper and more sleeping cars, and immediately set up night trains to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin.

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Did not accept

Vy’s communications manager, ge-Christoffer Lundeby, tells Netvision that you can get cheap train tickets to Bergen, but you have to get out a little earlier.

Why couldn’t VY break the air offer on the Oslo-Bergen route?

– What you say is not entirely true. For example, we have cheap tickets for 249 kroner on November 17th. The cheapest airline ticket is NOK 299. So we have cheap tickets, we too, says Netby to Netavision.

– In addition, this is what you often do not go from airport to airport. Cheaper tickets go first, the closer to departure, the cheaper tickets are available. I would say it is absolutely possible to travel cheaply with us, he says.

Lundby also says that one should not forget that the advantage of train travel is that you can go directly to the destination without going back to the airport.

– Why do travelers who want to travel to Green pay higher fares?

– The cost against an air ticket is not just a train ticket. If you’re going downtown, you shouldn’t take your trolley and go to Cartermon or Flesland, he says.

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– Train prices have come down

Doug Brecon is the sales manager at Go Ahead Nordic. The company is responsible for Sorlandspanan, which is something you will use if you go to Stavanger.

He tells Netavision that they did not use low price limits on the most popular departures during epidemics. This is because restrictions have been imposed on how many passengers can be on board, and some have used their train service.

– When we return to normal travel, and the restrictions that existed today have been removed, so there will be more price variation, and there will be lower prices over time, Brecon tells NetVision.

He points out that overall the most expensive are not train tickets, but air tickets are cheaper.

– It should be noted that then the connection costs from the airport and the airport should also be included in the calculation. Many also use parking at relatively high prices. Train tickets have become more expensive, but air fares have changed as competition in the air has increased, he says.

Ticket prices vary over time

SJ Norway covers a direct rail route from Oslo to Trentheim. Hilde Ling, Marketing and Communications Manager, tells Netavision that their ticket prices are controlled, but they also offer cheaper tickets.

– The price of the ticket will vary over time, we offer no ads and will be available on a given departure. Ling tells Netavision that it can reach 199 kroner at a low price, regardless of how far the customer will travel.

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