November 28, 2022


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Traitor: I was completely desperate

Traitor: I was completely desperate

After last week’s vote there is only one traitor left Catherine Fossum (44). According to the rulebook, she therefore had to force a loyalist to switch positions, and this is where her choice fell. Karina Holkem (46).

At the start of Friday’s episode, viewers got an insight into Hollekim’s transition from loyalist to traitor. When I met Fossum’s concave gaze under black robes, it was a very emotional moment.

There was no doubt that there were many tears on TV, but the whole session did not appear.

The two traitors cried together for several minutes.

did not eat: Now that the psychological game finally took over, Sandulle “Randulle” Dale says, the production had to step in. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Thea Hope / Red Runner
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Cry for ten minutes

Hollekim told Dagbladet that the accident was very powerful.

– I think, without any particular concept of time, that the crying session where I weep to myself – when I was told I had to go to the other side – probably lasted for ten minutes. I So broken, like.

The 46-year-old also explains that at that time she realized that the best chance of winning was to move to the side of the traitors, but that was not very tempting.

However, she was forced to.

– You are therefore obliged to take the side of the enemy. He welcomed me completely. I feel completely hopeless for several minutes, and it hits me unexpectedly.

finally: They fumbled blindly, but the loyalists finally managed to catch a traitor in the psychological series 2 TV. Video: Red Runner / TV 2
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– They will be tricked into rolling

She believed all day long that Sander Ostad Dale (24) was the traitor, and Holkim did not believe in her wildest imagination that her friend was waiting for her in the seat.

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– The first thing I noticed were the rings on his finger, but then I thought “Geez, I didn’t think Sander had rings like that.” Then Catherine took off her headdress, and even when I saw her eyes, the bells did not ring.

Hollykem’s mind is unable to relate that it is her friend who is hiding behind the hood.

– I’m being tricked into rolling over. It’s really impressive, she was so rude to play this game with me. I thought I trusted Catherine 100 percent, but the entire trust was based on a lie. It is a wonderful feeling and experience.

incident: In 2006, the star of the series “The Traitor” Karina Holkim had a serious parachute accident. Doctors told her that she would never walk again, but this did not stop Kareena. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Nora Scavog.

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chopped off

When Fossum realized he was the traitor, they sat for seven minutes and cried – or “cry half”.

– We just can’t put it aside. There are a lot of emotions to show.

Jan-Peter Dahl, Press Director of TV 2, gives the following answer as to why parts of the long crying scene are cut off:

There is a lot that happens during recording day and so there is a lot that doesn’t make it to the last episode. We are not in a position to comment on any unlisted incident.