May 29, 2023


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“Traitor”: The viewer’s storm after the act of “Traitor”: – Poorly executed

Last Friday saw the premiere of the second season of “Forræder,” in which 16 celebrities experience a vicious psychic match at Kongsvinger Castle.

Last year’s season was a huge hit, but the new season can only be watched on the TV 2 Play streaming service. It caused strong reactions in social media.

“I was looking forward to watching it, but I’m so disappointed when it’s only on Tv2 Play,” one Facebook user wrote.

Many praise the programme, referring to it as “exciting”, while others are frustrated with TV 2’s decision.

“weak. Pay enough for the TV already,” comments a user on Facebook.

Another says: “The great deflation, greed and thieves in TV 2.”

The Challenge: 16 new celebrities try themselves out for Season 2 of ‘The Traitor’ on TV 2 Play. Picture: Heidi Marie Joberode/TV 2

responds to criticism

TV 2’s Director of Press, Jan-Peter Dahl, explains the decision to only broadcast the new season of ‘Traitor’ behind a paywall on TV 2 Play.

– The vast majority watched Season 1 of “Forræder” on TV 2 Play, and TV 2 chose to show Season 2 exclusively on our streaming service.

– How does TV2 react to the many complaints that Forræder is no longer broadcasting on TV2 Direkte?

– We have recorded that there has been some feedback from viewers that “The Traitor” is not appearing on one of the linear channels. But TV 2 Play is widely distributed and is already accessible to most viewers. Either they have it included in their subscription with a TV provider or they are a direct customer with TV 2 Play, says Jan-Peter Dahl.

Online only: This year's premiere was somewhat less watched than it was last season

Online only: This year’s premiere was somewhat less watched than it was in the season of “Traitor”. Picture: Heidi Marie Joberode/TV 2

The Traitor’s first season had an average of 669,000 viewers on TV 2 Direkte and TV 2 Play combined.

While 432,000 people tuned in to the premiere episode of last year’s season, the viewing numbers were somewhat lower for this year’s premiere.

The number of viewers for the first game round, which consists of two episodes, has so far been 407 thousand viewers in the first program and 381 thousand viewers in the second program, according to what was reported by TV2.

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