Trand Giske, again | Crushing silence about Giske’s comeback

Trand Giske, again |  Crushing silence about Giske’s comeback

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Before the weekend, Trant called Giske VG Home to talk about a possible comeback in national politics. There, the former Vice President said:

– I won’t rule it out. It may be related.

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After the 2025 election, it will be almost eight years since he resigned as party vice-president following allegations of sexual harassment. Giske has since apologized for his own behavior, but disputed some of the reports.

After his retirement from national politics in 2025, it will be four years since he was last elected to the Storting.

Across the country, Giske’s party colleagues are more or less silent on the matter when contacted by Netavichen. Kiske says this about peace:

– This is very sensible. I’m in the thinking box, Trendelack will decide if I sign up.

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Roses of Kergolin

In Giske’s own party, Trøndelag Arbeiderparti, leader and Minister of Health and Care Ingvild Kjerkol would not say much on the matter.

When asked by Nettavisen what he thinks about Giske’s return to national politics and how Trøndelag App is handling it, Kerkol says:

– I have no opinion on that. Trøndelag has two blocks, North Block and South Block. We have a new minister from the southern constituency and the municipalities in the old Sør-Trøndelag have to do the work of nominating their candidates by 2025.

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– Do you see anything preventing Kiske from returning to national politics?

– I have no opinion on that. I feel there is positive activity in his local party, but that is a question for the party to decide, and Mr Kergol replied that Trentalach is not the leader of the Labor Party.

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The local party that Kjerkol refers to is the Social Democratic Forum of Nitaro, a labor party wing of which Giske is the leader.

By mid-January this year, the local group crossed 3,000 members. In September 2021, when Giske was appointed manager, the squad consisted of 16 members.

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Peace across the district teams

District leaders Sindre Martinsen-Evje and Frode Fjeldsbø in Østfold and Rogaland Labor Party respectively did not want to comment on the matter. Their party colleague in Akershus, District Vice President Ashmond Grover Akhurst, was absent.

In the Nordland Labor Party, they did not want to comment on the possibility of Giske’s return, although the county committee has not discussed the matter, according to county president Mona Nilsson.

Oslo Labor Party leader Frod Jacobsen was among those who actually answered Netavison’s questions. But Jacobsen, sitting in Storting, is tight-lipped.

– Not wanting to answer questions about it, Jacobsen writes first to Netavision.

– Why don’t you want to answer questions about it?

– Jacobsen replied that it didn’t matter to the Oslo Labor Party.

– But who represents the party at the national level might also be important for a district team?

– Nothing more to add, Jacobson writes again.

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Giske’s tough solution: – It’s fifty-fifty

Mjøs Persen: – Not applicable

Marte Mjøs Persen has held two cabinet positions under Jonas Gahr Støre. First as Minister of Oil and Energy and later as Minister of Labor and Content.

Now Persen is back in Parliament, where he represents Hartland and is a member of the Transport and Communications Committee.

In addition to these positions, Persen is also the District Chairman of the Westland Labor Party. When Nettavisen Persen was contacted about Giske’s possible comeback, he says:

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– We didn’t discuss it. It’s been a long time since the national meeting and it doesn’t suit us.

Lise Sundnes, head of the Inlandet Arbeiderparti, tells Nettavisen about the case.

– The President of the Local Labor Party shall not discuss the nominations of other District Parties. It is the task of the individual district party to select individual candidates for the general elections.

Also continues:

– We have our nomination processes in place. Sundness says we have to choose who we want to represent there.

AUF chief criticized Giske – now he’s silent

Netavisen contacted the district leaders in Rogaland, Møre and Romsdal, and in Drome. They did not respond to our inquiries. In Rogaland Ap, county president Frode Fjeldsbø says they don’t want to comment on Giske’s comeback. Christina Hansen at Nordland Ap says the county team will decide on the matter at the next national meeting.

AUF president Astrid Holm, who last year believed Giske was to blame for the poor polls, is currently silent on the matter.

In October 2022, Holm and Giske visited NRK’s ​​Friedrich Solvang’s studio and program “The Debate”.

– It’s mostly about politics, but looking at the downward trend from the party over time, I think it’s about there being more unrest and more people taking responsibility, said Ede Homme. The unrest was due, among other things, to Trond Kiske.

Giske called such discussions not very constructive.

I think the comeback will be tough

Erik Mosveen is a political editor at Avisa Oslo and has followed Norwegian politics closely for many years. Mosveen wasn’t surprised district leaders didn’t want to comment on Giske’s possible return.

The author says that it is customary for various district teams not to comment on nominations for parliamentary elections. To be elected to the Storting in 2025, Giske must be nominated by the Labor Party in the Sør-Trøndelag constituency.

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– Mosween tells Netavisen that if the question had been what one thought of Trond Kiske’s place in Labour’s central committee or in the leadership of Labour, it would have been a very real comeback.

Do you think Kiske will make a comeback in national politics in 2025?

– He is incredibly more likely to get a seat in the Storting than in the central government. I think the ground for him being nominated from Sør-Trøndelag to Storting is pretty steep. “I think it will be very difficult,” says Mosween.

He points out that Giske tried to become the district head in Trøndelag on at least two occasions.

– If you don’t succeed in becoming a district head, many of the people who decide this decide in which order the candidates are nominated to the Storting.

Youngstorget thinks Giske is annoying

Mosveen doesn’t think it’s surprising that Ingvild Kerkol Trøndelag was the leader of the Labor Party, but didn’t want to say anything about the Giske case.

– I didn’t react to it. Kjerkol has been elected county chairman for both South and North Trøndelag and will be elected to the Storting in the next election. If he had commented on the matter, it could easily have been felt to be a premature intervention, Mosween replies.

– Do you think that Jonas Gahr Støre and the other leaders of the Ap leadership were irritated by Trond Giske?

– I’m sure they will. I think there is a widespread perception out there that he has done nothing to support Labor’s support from 2018 to today. My clear impression is that they believe he has made it very difficult to raise support.

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