Transformation of Kristiansund Municipality into Kristiansund Campus with Newton Rooms

Transformation of Kristiansund Municipality into Kristiansund Campus with Newton Rooms

Newton Møre Kristiansund is the name of the room now occupied by the municipality of Kristiansund on the Kristiansund Campus.

The Municipality of Kristiansund contributes to the operation of the Chamber, through, among others, permanent staff resources, FIRST Scandinavia holds a patent for the Newton Chamber concept, and the district municipality of Sparebanken Møre and Møre og Romsdal provides financing.


Newton Room at Kristiansund Campus

Newton Rooms is a world-class concept designed to inspire young people to explore science through hands-on learning and experimentation. This concept was developed by FIRST Scandinavia.

The project in Kristiansund was made financially possible thanks to the fact that Sparebanken Møre together with Møre and Romsdal County Council contributed funds and that the municipality of Kristiansund contributes to the operations by employing a Newton teacher, among others.

“We want to open the doors to an alternative and diverse educational arena where students can experience mastery and increase motivation through hands-on exploration of science,” says Olog Haugen, Municipal Director of Education in Kristiansund Municipality.

The municipality has a significant investment in science and the establishment of Newton Rooms on campus is part of this significant investment.

– By bringing children and young people to the Kristiansund Campus and giving them the opportunity to encounter business and academic environments, we hope to create an inspiring experience that will accompany them throughout their education, says Haugen.

Newton works as a teacher

This spring, Eron Aire Mung was appointed as a teacher at Newton School in Kristiansund Municipality. Her home college will be at Nordlandt High School and her immediate supervisor will be Principal Lynn Howell.

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“I am a science teacher by training with a passion for science,” says Eron Eri Monge.

Use Newton's space

The Newton Room will not only be a place for teaching, but also for professional development and innovation. Through different modules adapted to different age levels and proficiency goals, students will have the opportunity to explore science in an engaging and adapted way. We are convinced that this will give all students the desire to learn and the opportunity to experience mastery of the theoretical subjects offered in Newton Hall in a practical and experiential way,” says Monge.


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“Our experience is that the experience of mastery in one area spills over into other areas,” says Monge. Taking a practical approach to science will lead to more people succeeding in acquiring scientific knowledge.

Upon commissioning, it is planned to start with three modules, one of which has been identified and is aiming for the sixth phase. Some modules can be used in different stages, and there are specific modules for all stages. The units are based on competency objectives from the curriculum.

“We envision a future where the Newton Room becomes a meeting point for both students and teachers across schools and grades,” says Headteacher Lynn Howell. She concluded that this would not only contribute to increasing interest in science, but would also contribute to creating a stronger professional environment among all teachers in the entire municipality.

The Newton room is dedicated to the entire area and has an incredible number of uses. Primarily, schoolchildren in Kristiansund will have the opportunity to integrate this practical teaching into their daily lives, but the plan is for the room to be used by the entire district.

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Improvement in usage and content

– It is also planned to develop new units with a local approach. Local companies have already expressed interest in cooperation. The development will take place in close cooperation with FIRST Scandinavia, which has good experience and good models for building new units. We also look forward to the possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration with other disciplines. The possibilities are many, says Eron Airy Monge.

Ada – what is this?

– The ADA Innovation Project is a collaboration between Kristiansund Municipality, Møre County Council, FIRST Scandinavia, Kulturtanken and Sparebanken Møre. The project is working to provide better conditions for professional artists to develop art and culture where children and youth are the audience, in addition to developing an arena for practical and exploratory learning in science and art. The Newton Room is like an arena, Monge says.

Kristiansund City Council decided to allocate funds to the ADA project two years ago and will continue accordingly until 2024. Work is now underway to further develop the project.

(source: Kristiansund Municipality)

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