– Translators just on the way

- Translators just on the way

Tunisia is too old to apply for the Thilda Bøe Scholarship. Otherwise all goes well.

Tunisia had to postpone his tenth album for a year due to a certain virus. Now the “Thilda Bøe Scholarship” is here, but Tønes himself is too old to apply for the scholarship itself.
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Ten records is actually no more than it should be now that the years are counted, says Ton.

He counts the number of active years, divides by ten, and finds that yes, yes, it’s okay to have ten records. But that’s roughly how it should be.

– You’re probably wondering what this record is all about, because I did. I’ve had some input, and when I wrote this I got older. It’s a little sour, but it’s also a little sweet.

He talks for a while about getting a little old. Having children did something for him. There are more things to do, more things to do in a day, but there are more things to make you happy. even inspired.

– I sit inside and say, “Now I’m going to make a song I have kids.” However, it affects you, just as it affects you being a few years older, going to some new places, doing some new things and talking to some people. Everything like that can become songs.

– By the way, did you apply for the Tilda Bøe scholarship and did you get a scholarship?

– I think so, but I’m really a bit unsure. I can check the status and provide more information. And if we’re going to seriously talk about an unwanted song: you can, if you want, reach out to others in order to grow old.

Interpreter on the way

Then we talk a little about the interpretation of texts. He is reluctant to explain himself. This job makes others take care of it, and it’s okay for them to do so. In the song “The Jacket Behind the Forehead” you can explain something about the village animal and gossip. Tonys thinks you can, but you don’t have to. It can also be a nice song for someone wearing the jacket in the back. “Spleiselag/Waldorf salad” is basically a theatrical song, but if people want it to be about the uncertainty of social teams, and ownership relationships to their products and achievements, that’s also perfectly fine. Interpreter on the way.

– When I make a recording, I can’t always tell if the songs have anything in common. It may be easier for others to find such a thread, Tones says.

The title track “The Legacy of Thilda Bøe” was turned into a play a few years ago. In the song, he is too old to come forward for the money. The maximum is 29 years old. Tonys is no longer 29 years old.

– Yes, yes, of course it can be about getting old, or not adhering to strict rules. I’m into it. you grow up. There is no escape from this. He says: I am getting old but not that old, adding:

– When I make a recording, I can’t always tell if the songs have anything in common. It may be easier for others to find such a topic. One of the great things about this profession is that you can give away songs, so that people take them as they like. I’m glad they’re out now, and I hope someone listens to them.

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in good stage

After ten records and quite a few interviews, he has become, quite frankly, too tired to talk more about himself and about him. Yeah, yeah, I probably realize that some things are easier said than done in a song. Maybe he’s getting a little nostalgic, more than before, and thinks kids grow at legal speed and time is running out. There is something there.

“Life is on a good stage,” he sings to “Treskjæring,” the first single on the album. A guy started carving on wood, got a bar downstairs, collected beer and got back to work again.

Some say it’s completely changed

Others just see a new variant of the same thing

In the next song, there is a man freezing a photo of an old ravine and the place where he met his girlfriend. Something has changed, much is the same. A bit like Ten Tunes Records.

Most things happen little by little, without much drama. If you look at it over a long period of time, the changes can be even greater. Some of these songs I haven’t done in 20 years. I included a goodnight song, “Shadow on the Roof” at the end. She sang it to the children when they went to sleep.

– How were the reactions?

– They slept. I’m a little unsure how to explain this.


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