Transport, Road Transport Center | High accidents on roads: – Very slippery

Transport, Road Transport Center |  High accidents on roads: – Very slippery

– Due to rain, sleet and freezing temperatures in many places in Innlandet, Akershus and Oslo, there may be slippery roads in some places. Contractors are called to action, drive carefully, writes Veitrafikksentralen öst on X/Twitter.

Demanding driving conditions were reported on one of the largest major roads.

It is raining at E18 minus degrees in Drammen. This has led to slippery roads, writes the Swedish Road Administration.

– Very soft

Two cars collided on the E18 southbound at around 10am. The Southeastern Police District writes that the scene of the accident was foggy and slippery.

In Lørenskog, it was glassy Sunday morning. A motorist experienced this on National Highway 159 in the direction of Oslo.

– The only accident involved a car hitting a lamp post. No injuries, but major property damage. The site is very slippery and there are many near misses. Drive safe! In X writes East Police District.

Warning: punitive

The Oslo Police District also issues a warning about slippery driving conditions and writes that freezing rain may be the cause.

– Even if you don't exceed the speed limit, you can be penalized for driving too fast, if driving conditions indicate that you should keep a lower speed due to weather, road holding, etc., writes Kro Sandness, operations manager in Oslo. custody

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