Transport, storm | Staff shortage due to coronary heart disease

Trafikkmeldinger, Trafikkulykke |  Front mot front-ulykke på E6 i Rana

Storms and corona infections could lead to the cancellation of many ferry routes off the coast of Helzland. Last week, Odd Inge Bardal, the district director for transport and infrastructure, warned that this could happen.

– The peak of corona infection in the Northland has not yet been reached, but there is already a lot of sick leave. This refers to public transport concessions that are canceled at the shortest notice.

These pathways are affected by weather and disease:

Ways of HelgelandSpendelene 18-19: Ms Jernøy cancels all departures including Tuesday and departure Træna 05:50 Wednesday 2 February, shortage of staff due to corona infection on board.

Passengers traveling to Nesna, Stokkvågen, Onøy, Sleneset, Lovund and Træna can use the regional shuttle associated with the ferry from Sandnessjøen to Stokkvågen in Nordland. 15:10 Tuesday. The regional shuttle will be approximately in Stoke-on-Trent. 17:00.

Nesna – Nesnaøyene Path 18-336: Torghatten Nord announces weather bookings for all departures on Tuesday. Note that the path can be canceled at short notice.

Rail – Stokkvågen Route 18-192: MF Husøy departed quickly from Træna to kl on Tuesday. 06.15 Helljland spacecraft canceled.

Sandnessjøen – Bjørn – Nesna – Regionpendelen 18-182: Himmeldint canceled morning flights on a regional shuttle on Tuesday in connection with the departure from Sandnessjøen. It is the cause of the disease.

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