Travis Scott on stage for the first time since Astroworld – VG

Travis Scott on stage for the first time since Astroworld - VG
Concert: Here, Travis Scott performs on the first day of the Astroworld concert. Eight people were killed and many more injured after the chaos on the opening night.

Travis Scott, 30, is said to have given his first concert since last year’s Astroworld concert, in which eight people lost their lives.


Eight people were killed and many more were injured Chaos during the opening night of the Travis Scott “Astroworld” festival. In Houston, Texas in November of last year.

Report now TMZ The actress appeared briefly at the Oscars Saturday night in Bel Air. According to the celebrity website, he is said to have rapped and was behind a DJ booth.

This will be the first performance since the Astroworld concert.


The rapper was in bad weather after the killer gig in November of last year.

In the comments below one of the rappers Instagram postsMany responded to that The music didn’t stop, and Scott kept playing, even after the mess was real. Others felt that there were not enough trained health workers during the concert.

Music critic Joey Guerra said he (Travis Scott Magazine) stopped the show three or four times when he noticed people in need. CNN.

It is said that the chaos that arose involved, among other things, many people who had pushed themselves onto the stage – leading to panic. The fire brigade described several people falling and losing consciousness.

Chaos: An ambulance rolled into the crowd when chaos broke out during the Astroworld concert in November of last year.

At least 23 people were hospitalized and about 300 people received treatment at a field hospital on the concert stage, it was reported. New York Post.

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Scott He mentioned that he was completely devastated by what happenedThe day after the party:

“My prayers are with the families and those affected by the Astroworld incident. The Houston Police Department has my full support as they continue their investigation into the tragic loss of life.”

baby number 2

Scott recently became a father for the second time. He now has two children with Kylie Jenner (24 years old).

Their son was born on February 2 this year.

They already have a daughter, Stormi Webster, who was born on February 1, 2018.

Family: The family of three has a new member.

Their son was first named Wolf – but only a month and a half after he was born, Mama Kylie (24) is confident he’ll have a new name. What is the new name is not yet known.

Scott and Jennerwhich confirmed a breach In 2019, a new pregnancy was announced in September – too Instagram.

Watch the video below: Travis Scott on the tragedy of the party

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