Trellebakken, Flekefjord | Trellebakken as a separate study centre

Trellebakken, Flekefjord |  Trellebakken as a separate study centre

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After more emphasis has been placed on the part of the government that study centers should offer more decentralized studies, it has become a new mode for Lister Kompetance. They are being contacted by Study Centers from Southern Norway, Stavanger and Eastern Norway who want to check what they can offer via the Competence Centre, which now has offices in Lyngdal. Lister Kompetance is also now allowed to help develop studies.

It has been known recently that Lister Kompetance wants more space. – We need more space when we have “online student” gatherings. We have rented Spira many times but it is very expensive. Municipalities have allowed us to borrow other sites. We’d all like to have our own buildings, but it’s likely to take a lot for us to get them, manager Hilde Ström of Lister Kompetanse told the city council in the Flekkefjord.

It was also found that the scheme for decentralized studies for social care nurses gave the University of Agder one of the most popular studies for 2023, that work is under way on more study places for nurses, and that there may be more repeat studies. and regular initiation of new groups with students. As of fall 2023, the Competence Center offers a total of 445 study places spread across various study programmes.

We have previously advocated that Flekkefjord should be on the field to put on a good show for the students. Now there is a unique opportunity to make this a reality. If later this month the city council buys into the church offices in the planned church center at Elvegaten 9, it will provide offices in the Trellebakken wing at Anna Wahls Gate 5.

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The main suggestions are to sell the pavilion, but now they have to get to work and create a “Trellebakken Study Center” with adult education and decentralized studies side by side. Adult education currently uses large parts of the building’s stock during the day, but the many classrooms must also be usable for decentralized studies in the day and evening. With the Trellebakken wing as an administration building and the old gymnasium as an auditorium or other necessary rooms.

The Municipality of Fleckkefjord should offer as soon as possible to Leicester Comptance their dream building, thus securing a study center which could have significant positive multiplier effects for the whole area.

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