Triana Iglesias was the first to leave Skal vi danse: All-Stars

Triana Iglesias was the first to leave Skal vi danse: All-Stars

In this year’s Skal vi danse season 13 former superstar contestants They are back on the dance floor and will now be competing against each other.

After an evening full of great dances, Triana Iglesias had to leave the dance competition.

– Oh my God, it’s so sad. But of course very happy for Carrie. Tom Eric and Carrie, you are so cute. You deserve this, says Iglesias.

– And the love I got when people came here and hugged me at last, it was so sweet, she adds, I moved.

This year’s jury is made up of Trane Dihli Cliff (61), Merritt Lingerdi (60) and Morten Hegseth (36).

This year Catherine Moholt (48 years old) has given up the role of presenter He wore dancing shoes. So the presenters Anders Hof (46) and Helen Olafsen (32).

Program leaders: Trine Dehli Cleve, Morten Hegseth and Merete Lingjærde. Photo: Jean-Peter Dahl

new change

Already at the premiere of the dance program, a couple broke up. In previous seasons, no one had been voted on until the second episode.

Participant Victor Suttberg, 31, was asked what he thought of the fact that he was likely to actually fail in the first program.

– It hurts so much to think about it. I really hope it doesn’t, but everyone is fine, so it can happen. I’m crossing my fingers, Sotberg tells TV 2 at the H3 Arena.

Dance performances tonight

Alexander Hetland, a former Skal vi danse winner, is dancing this year with Helene Spilling (26). During the evening premiere, the duo delivered a tango of the song “Pepas” – Robin Schultz Remix.

Martine Lunde (26) placed third during the dance competition in 2018. This time she was paired with Tarjei Svalastog (24), and together they performed tango during the premiere.

Former winner Eric Softland, 34, returns to the program after nine years. Tonight he and his dance partner Ewa Trela, 43, delivered El Paso’s husband.

The sports and apparel photo Carrie Tra (48) was on the floor with Tom Eric Nielsen (35). The couple danced a tango to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”.

Nathan “Nate” Kahungu (26) ended up second on Skal vi danse in 2020. This year he’s back with Nadya Khamitskaya (39) and introduced Jeff during the evening’s premiere.

Actress Agnete Saba (28) is back on the dance floor with Jørgen Nilsen (32) this season. Tonight they tango to Lauren’s song “Euphoria”.

Lasse Matberg (37) won the Italian version of Skal vi danse and is now back to dancing – this time in Norway. Together with Gyda Bloch Thorsen (41), he threw cha-cha-cha.

Triana Iglesias (40), former Paradise Hotel presenter, performed this season’s dances with Ole Thomas Hansen (22). The couple salsa danced to the tune of “Dr. Beat” – the Miami sound machine.

Victor Sutberg, 31, ended up with third place in the dance competition. This year, he was paired with Philip Rabe (21 years old) and their first dance was Cha Cha Cha.

Influencer and sexologist Iselin Guttormsen (35) was forced to retire last season due to an injury. This year she returned to the dance floor with former dance partner Catalin Miho (28). During the premiere, they delivered salsa to Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love.”

Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand (33) took second place in 2019 in the final against Alexander Hetland. This year she has dance partner Santino Merina (28) with her. Together they danced a tango.

Actor Chinggis Al (24) once again wore his dancing shoes and companion Ricky Lund (27). Tonight they delivered Roomba to “Chandelier” by Sia.

Former presenter Catherine Moholt (48 years old) was the last time on the dance floor with Igor Filippenko (34). The Cha Cha couple danced to “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.

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