Trols Svendsen wins the new Norwegian Megahite

Trols Svendsen wins the new Norwegian Megahite

Today it was decided, Trolls Svendsen escaped with a generous first place!

With over a million streams of the song and first place in the new Megahit in Norway, the comedian can also call himself an artist.

– That’s very cool, what we say, it’s quite raw, says Troels Svendsen.

But he adds that he feels he stole it a bit from Helen Olafsen.

– You’ve done insanely well on all of these shows.

Watch the winning duo in the video window at the top of the box

straight to the top

Here she performs “Ludvig Daae”: – You are a great performer

In recent weeks, we have listened to many primetime self-produced songs on TV 2. Christmas songs, personal songs, and songs with strong messages.

Helen Olafsen and Trols Svendnes managed to reach number one in Norway’s Top 50 on Spotify with their songs “Ludvig Daae” and “Når Julefreden Senker Seg”. Trols Svendsen came in as a competitor last week, but Helen Olafsen participated in the first program. I liked her songs, especially with her first songs, “Ludvig Daae” which received more than three million plays on Spotify.

“I feel like I’ve already won,” says second-placed Helen Olafsen, despite the fact that her song has received more than three million plays on Spotify.

So Olafsen comes home with a gold plateIt is a victory in itself.

– The golden plate will be allowed to hang in the heating room of the Ingierkollen

Here you can see and hear all the songs:

Abu + Mira – “The Heart Beats”

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Host and comedian Abu Bakr (Abu) Hussain (34 years old) wanted to compose a love song for strong men. The result was the rap song “Heart Goes Loud”. Mira (Regina Tucker) (27) helped the 34-year-old with this song.

– Abu, if there’s one thing your heart fears, it’s you. I almost became emotional. “I’m so proud of you,” the mentor said after performing during the final.

– You are a star. It only got better and better, bragged to Daniel Kvamin (33), and scored five goals.

Petter Katatstrofe (32) and Lise Karlsnes (43) gave a 34-year-old stat.

– I love him, praised the former.

Hussain received 26 referee points in total.

Helen + Steismann – “Ludwig Dae”

Helen Olafsen, 31, a former snowboarder and host, performed her blockbuster, “Ludvig Daae”—a song she dedicated to the man of the same name, who ran the Ingierkollen Slalom Center when she was young. The 31-year-old made the song with his former mentor Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen (39).

– It’s six clear sounds, said Ludwig Day, the main character, after Olafsen has executed the blow.

– You are a great performer, you praised Mira and rewarded the 31-year-old with six.

– I enjoy watching, said Carlsens, and also rolled a six.

The remaining members of the jury rewarded Olafsen with fives.

The 31-year-old received 27 referee points.

Martine + Myra – «Fuckboy»

Influencer Martin Lund (25) sang about fighting against bad boys in her most popular song, “Fuckboy”. Lunde has had success with his mentor Myra (Regina Tucker) (27).

– You are a star. You are not only dreaming, you are. I am so proud of you, Master Meera.

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Kvammen expressed that the song had grown a bit on him, and he moved from four to six on the dice.

However, many judges thought Lundy still had a bit of a continuation.

– Carlsnes said he doesn’t hit me hard and rolls to fours.

A little more difficult to paint. Dancke thought the script too weak, and gave a four.

Lunde received 24 judgment points.

Trols and Charlotte + Daniel – “When the Peace of Christmas Calms Down”

The duo “When Christmas Peace Sinks” skyrocketed straight to the top of the charts this week, and during the night of the premiere, comedian and host Trols Svendsen, 49, and his co-star Charlotte Smith, 32, performed a Christmas song once more from the stage. Mentor Daniel Kafaman, 33, supervised the couple.

Like the last broadcast, spray the six on the pair.

– I was really impressed. I had never thought it would be so beautiful in my imagination, said the guide as Famine.

And Mira praised – I feel like coming home for Christmas in Northern Norway, and I’m not from there.

On the other hand, Karlsnes gave the duo a four, because she thought she could not remember the melody.

Villa Oscar + Vidar – «En Til»

TikToker Oskar Westerlin (23 years old) brought his dad with him when he was performing his most streaming song, “En Til”. The song is about the Norwegians’ relationship with Pilsen Airport. Mentor Vidar Villa (Vidar André Grødset Mohaugen) (32) co-wrote the songs.

– I love him. This is so beautiful. I’m really happy, said the guide Peter Katastrov with a laugh.

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– You are my favorite participant. Unfortunately, it’s a little annoying to have more of you, Kavman said, but there are still six.

Carlsenius exclaimed, and you took me – to a song!

Ole Evinrude, 59, did the same.

Dunkey still thinks that Westerlin lacks tact and tone.

Westerlin collected 27 referee points.

Odda + Myra – «Sexy in the face»

Comedian and actor Odd-Magnus Williamson, 41, was already fired after the first broadcast of the new mega event in Norway, but had to come again as a contender in the last broadcast. Williamson performed “Sexy in the Face”, which was about the time of his appearance He was named Norway’s sexiest man by Elle magazine in 2011.. The 41-year-old got help from mentor Mira (Regina Tucker), 27, to make this song.

– I think you did a very good job, mentor Mira said after the performance.

– I don’t know whether it’s hip or not. From the bottom of my heart – that’s amazing, Kvamann crossed and rewarded Williamson with a six.

Very interesting, thought Carlsens, and gave six. Peter Katastrov did the same.

Dankey, on the other hand, had a slight objection.

– I didn’t quite feel this song. But Odda has a factor of x. It’s not possible to take your eyes off Odda. I don’t think that’s a hit, said Dancke, but you’re a star, rolled by a four.

The 41-year-old received a total of 27 referee points.

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