Tromsø and Drammen are disconnected from MyGame cameras

Tromsø and Drammen are disconnected from MyGame cameras
Lens cap on: Streaming service MyGame has installed several cameras in Norwegian sports arenas.

Two new big municipalities are putting MyGame on hold: Drammen and Tromsø both want to hold political ground before the grassroots games streaming service is finally allowed.

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– Cameras are closed before we say yes to it. The case has been ordered to take a final decision in March. Then it’s yes or no, says culture, sports and outdoor life election chairman Jarl Heidmann (Ap) after a meeting in Tromsø on Wednesday.

The same committee is also responsible for making a political decision when the case comes up for review in two months. Before that, no cameras would be running in Tromsø, even in cross-country sports for over-18s.

Drammens Tidende was able to report earlier on Wednesday that Drammen is also disconnecting the cameras installed in the city’s two arenas. Councilor Elizabeth Enger writes that it is appropriate to make the case for political considerations in her reasoning.

– I’m very happy that the councilor is taking this seriously, and it’s blocking development until we deal with it politically, Herman Ekle Lund (V) tells the local newspaper.

A left-wing politician asked questions about the handling of the MyGame solution in Tramen.

Therefore, Drammen and Tromsø join the ranks of large municipalities waiting to use a large-scale streaming service in Norwegian sports, where there are plans to stream both children’s sports and adult sports over the Internet.

VG It previously reported that Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand have put their foot down for streaming sports activities for under-18s. In Stavanger, they have said a temporary “no” to over-18s, pending MyGame fulfilling three specific requirements from the municipality.

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In Trondheim, the matter has not been decided, but municipal director Ola By Riis has written a ten-page memo, which also points in the direction that “under 18s should not stream”.

Now the “Youth City Council” has also considered the matter. An advisory group for politicians in Trondheim, consisting of 13- to 18-year-olds, unanimously recommended no streaming of games for under-18s.

– We welcome the conduct of politics in municipalities that accept it. As long as everyone gets good and correct information, we hope that the project will gain wide support in the municipality-Norway, MyGame’s communications manager Svein Graff previously told VG.

MyGame argues that if 100,000 matches can be streamed across the country, there will be more engagement in grassroots sports. By setting up filming in a secure setting, the company will put an end to unregulated streaming.

Among the critics is NIF’s own board member Marco Elsafadi and the head of the cultural committee in the Storting, Grunde Almeland (V).
Almeland called it all one Corruption And he believes under-18s should avoid filming on playgrounds.

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