Tromsø – NRK is searching for a seriously injured person in Kualoa in Troms and Finnmark


Several rescue helicopters, volunteer teams, rescue dogs and police spent hours searching for the man in the Slåtnes area of ​​Kualoya. The man has not been found yet.

– We have to expand and expand until we find out, or other investigations indicate that we have to conclude, says Kenneth Evenson of the Tromsø police, incident leader at the scene.

Kenneth Evenson, head of operations at the police in Tromsø.

Photo: Trickway Kroning / NRK

At 11:28 the police received an emergency call from the man.

– The man said he had multiple fractures. It’s cold and wet from being outside for so long. We consider this a critical situation, which is why we have sent rescue helicopters, rescue dogs and search teams from the Red Cross and Norwegian People’s Aid.

This is what Pete Helberg, Operations Manager at Troms Police District, says. Two degrees, rain and low cloud cover in the region.

The caller reported that Sladnaselva had caused him to fall in the area and was injured.

Police had not made contact with the man until after 11:47 p.m.

– We are now using drones in the search, the operations manager told NRK.

Beat Hellberg

Pete Helberg, operations manager for the Trams Police District.

Photo: Elise Holdel / NRK

He spoke bad English

When the man called the police on Saturday morning, he had trouble making himself understood.

– There were big linguistic challenges, he spoke English poorly, so he couldn’t properly explain where he was. That’s why we use the phone tracking we have as a starting point, says Helberg.

In connection with the rescue operation, an electric scooter was invented by Sludnaselva. Police said that anyone who knows this bike should give tips.

– Confirm we are in the right place and apply. The electric scooter is positioned slightly differently. If someone has it, we want to hear from them, Helberg says.

Around 2:30 p.m., police said the owner was located.

In this area, a man was searched on Saturday for a complaint of distress.

Know the country code

A radio amateur organization is also involved in the search for the man.

– NORSK Radio Relay also helps with the analysis of teledata, says a Twitter message from the Trams Police District.

The police don’t know which country the man they are looking for is from, but the country code on his phone gives the police a clue.

Search function

Police and search teams from the Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and Norwegian Rescue Dogs are involved in the search for the foreigner who made the emergency call on Saturday morning.

Photo: Trickway Kroning / NRK

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