Tromso, Snow | Record freeze in the North: not in 26 years

Tromso, Snow |  Record freeze in the North: not in 26 years

In recent days, southern Norway and eastern Norway have been getting some sun, while the rest of the country hasn’t been quite as lucky.

Among other things, Trøndelag and northern Norway had to deal with bad weather.

Last night on Thursday, Tromsø marked a milestone that shows the differences.

Many in northern Norway woke up to white rain and freezing temperatures. Tromsø had a temperature of minus 0.6 degrees last night. The temperature scale hasn’t crept below zero since 1997, the Meteorological Institute wrote on Twitter.

On the other hand, Trondheim has seen around five degrees and light precipitation, according to Yr.

– Fortunately, there are fewer showers and milder air throughout the day and Friday, meteorologists write about being in Tromsø.

He writes that no traffic challenges or accidents have been reported as a result of the snowfall northern lights.

In Oslo, full sun and around 20 degrees are reported during the day on Thursday and Friday. Bergen should also enjoy good weather, with around 15 degrees and partial sun during the same period. Southern Norway also experiences good weather, albeit with slightly lower temperatures than in eastern Norway.

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