Trond Jensen (75) dies in boating accident in Oslofjord

Trond Jensen (75) dies in boating accident in Oslofjord

Relatives have been informed about the release of the names. No lawyer has been appointed yet.

On Sunday afternoon, Jensen was out sailing in the Oslo Fjord when he collided with a cabin cruiser between Rotangan and Longøya.

The Primary Rescue Center (HRS) was first on the scene with a rescue boat and helicopter.

– Gradually we realized that the sailboat was going to sink and the life of the boatman could not be saved. “We were able to get the man out before the sailboat went down,” Edward Middleton, rescue manager at HRS South Norway, tells VG.

Fatal accident: Rescue helicopter at scene before yacht goes down in Oslo Fjord. The stricken motorboat is to the right of the sailboat. Photo: Private

The cause of death is currently unknown.

– We don't know what happened and we are at the beginning of something serious. Police attorney Don Bysting tells VG that we will find out why the two boats collided.

The driver of the motorboat, a man in his 50s, has been charged with causing the death of another by negligence.

He has not yet been assigned a defense attorney and is only in the preliminary hearing. Piesting did not want to comment on what was revealed in the interview.

Landed: Cabin cruiser crashes. There was no major damage to the boat. Photo: Keir Olsen / NTB

– It gives better rights to motor boat driver while giving him the role of accused. Detective Thomas Enger told VG on Sunday that further investigation will show whether that stands or the outcome would have been different.

No suspicion of drunk driving.

– Do you know if the sailboat was under sail, and if so, if the starboard is suspected to be broken?

– This is an area we hope will emerge in the research we do, says Piesting.

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– Is excessive speed suspected?

– We hope this will shed light on the investigation.

The police will go through the electronic devices in the cabin cruiser.

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