Trondelag, Weather | E6 and E14 flood

Trondelag, Weather |  E6 and E14 flood

A Press release On Wednesday evening, the Swedish Road Administration writes that both E14 and E6 will be closed overnight due to landslides and flooding.

The E14 is closed between Stjørdal and Meråker and further south to Trøndelag, the E6 is closed between Bergog and Ulsberg.

A suggested detour for the E14 is County Road 72 north at Trøndelag. Suggested detours to the E6 are the E39 and National Highway 70, or the E39 and E136.

– Geotechnicians have been ordered to go out and look at the roads as soon as it is light. Roads won’t be opened until geotechnical experts say it’s safe, says Björn Ove Rotlid, head of division at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

More to come: – Might be coming in a big way

Furthermore, the Swedish Road Administration encourages people to follow weather and road reports, and assess the need to drive in highly exposed areas. They write that many roads will be closed without warning due to rain, floods and landslides.

– The National Roads Administration has been patrolling both the E14 and E6 for the past few days due to heavy rain and bad weather forecasts. We have close co-operation and coordination with the police, the district council, the Meteorological Agency and others, says Rodlitt.

In a further press release, the Norwegian Road Administration writes that heavy rainfall is expected in Sør-Trøndelag in the next 24 hours, with the largest amount of rainfall inland, and that meteorologists cannot say exactly where the heaviest rainfall will be. fall

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– Precipitation is expected to taper off Thursday night and early morning.

42 people were expelled

Police at Trendelagh Around 6pm there was a report of a landslide across the E14, roughly on the municipal border between Stjørdal and Meråker. According to the police, some vehicles were trapped between the overflowing river on the east side of the landslide.

Police alerted the helicopter to rescue people if necessary. All the people were evacuated at 19.51. According to Newspaper address 42 people were evacuated from buses and cars, which were abandoned in what police described as an unsafe area.

– A farm just west of the area is emptying itself. Operations manager Arnt Harald Aaslund told the newspaper that Stjørdal municipality has been notified and is working on creating a reception device.

Police tell NTB that they found no sign of anyone being injured.

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