June 8, 2023


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Trondheim-based Subwoolfer and Amanda made it to the Eurovision final

Trondheim-based Subwoolfer and Amanda made it to the Eurovision final

The case is updated.

Some in the hall dressed up as bananas to cheer for Subwoolfer and “Give That Wolf A Banana” at the Eurovision semi-final in Turin on Tuesday night.

The Norwegian artists were on stage as number 16 out of 17 participants in Tuesday’s semi-finals.

The song was written by Subwoolfer members “Jim” and “Keith” along with DJ Astronaut.

Solov Sobolfs still keep their true identities a secret. They themselves state that they met 4.5 billion years ago, when the Moon was a separate planet.

Tix is ​​revealed as a DJ astronaut

In a call to a press conference earlier on Tuesday, DJ Astronaut lifted his mask. It turns out that Tix is ​​the winner of last year’s Melodi Grand Prix. NRKs The photos clearly show Tex, with his usual sunglasses and headbands.

NRK head of delegation Stig Karlsen couldn’t confirm the DJ’s identity, and it’s not clear if Tix has been with Yellow Wolves at shows before.

All went as planned, Morten Westgaard told NTB.

He reports from Turin to Eurovision Norway.

– The wolves were calm and sang loudly and saw the whole hall. The press room also participated in the dance. “This just has to go to the final – everything else would have been a disaster,” Westgaard said before it became clear that Norway’s contribution made it to the final.

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Trondheim based artist as well

Norwegian-Greek Amanda Tenfuord (25), representing Greece, also qualified for the final.

She varied between gentle and powerful vocals in her performance at Eurovision on Tuesday.

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Tinfjord grew up outside Alesund and lived for a long time in Trondheim.

When she sang during Tuesday’s semi-finals, she was at times so quiet in the hall that the audience could clearly hear the artist breathing – before pulling out the song “Die Together” with really powerful parts. All for a simple yet effective theatrical presentation.

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Ten countries continued

These countries qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest finals after the first semi-final on Tuesday 10 May.

  • Switzerland: Marius Behrs “Boys Cry”
  • Armenia: Rosa Lynn “Snap”
  • Iceland: Sister “With the sunrise”
  • Lithuania: Monica Liu “Sentimentai”
  • Portugal: Maro «Saudade, saudade»
  • Norge: Subwoolfer “Give this wolf a banana”
  • Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Teneford ‘We Die Together’
  • Ukraine: “Stefania” Kalush Orchestra
  • Moldova: Zdob and Zdub & Advahov Brothers “Train”
  • Holland: S10 «Depth»

The second semi-final will start on Thursday 12 May.