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Since early October, the National Institutes of Public Health has received samples of special variants of the delta virus from Trondheim.

On October 20, the British pressed the alarm button because of this variation. Saw that it was able to increase Widespread in relation to other variants of delta virus.

It continued. One month ago, 11.2 percent of the samples analyzed had this variation. Last week it rose to 14.7 percent.

This shows that the rate of this sub-variation is increasing everywhere in the UK which is increasing across the country.

Photo: UK Health Care Agency

Results on Recent UK Risk Report So variation has a competitive advantage. They describe it as a variant under investigation and have also given it the name VUI-21OCT-01.

International Name AY.4.2.

The British do not see in their data that vaccines work poorly against this subtype. They also do not see patients with this variant in the body becoming ill.

Caroline Brockstadt

Waiting for more data: Researcher Carolyn Brockstad has now analyzed several samples from Trondheim in her lab. She thinks the stock of AY.4.2 will only increase.

Photo: FHI

Notable in Trondheim

– Since October 1, we have seen that 64% of AY.4.2 cases in Norway are detected in Trendelock. In other parts of the country, there are only a handful of cases, says Carolyn Brockstadt, division head of the National Institutes of Public Health.

No other subtype of delta virus has played such a large role in Trondheim.

– About 25 percent of the models we’ve received from Trondheim since October have this variation, says Bragstad.

The National Institute of Public Health finds that its incidence is increasing every week in samples coming from Trondheim.

– Broxstad believes this variation will help trigger an explosion in the city.

Infects easily

The variant was first discovered by the Swiss researcher Cornelius Romer.

– Variation is a delta virus, which has some additional mutations that are a little more contagious, Romans tells NRK.

Cornelius Romans

Takes time: Researcher Cornelius Romer believes that a subtype of the delta virus will take time for the infection to spread in Norway, but it will happen.

Photo: Private

Based on United Kingdom calculations, Romans estimates that AY.4.2 spreads about 10-15 percent more per generation or 2-3 percent more per day. Generation-wise, the researcher believes the time this person passes from the time a person becomes infected.

– The wild type of alpha variant is related to the corona virus and the delta variant is more contagious than the alpha, Roman explains.

Will dominate Norway

– This additional contagion of the sub-variant associated with the delta is real, but it is so small that the Romans believe that it will not dominate outside the UK until February.

– That is, if it does not pick up more contagious mutations, the Swiss researcher adds.

Supports Brockstad Roman’s view on FHI.

– I think it will only take if it has a small amount of competitive advantage compared to other delta variants, says Brockstadt.

Municipal Chief Physician Tove Røsstad - Press Conference on Corona Condition in Trondheim

Infection is not easy: The municipal chief physician in Trondheim Tove Røsstad informs the press about the city’s epidemic situation.

Photo: Annika Byrd / NDP

It may take longer

– What we see this fall is that there is more viral infection among children than we see, says the municipal chief physician at Trondheim Tove Røsstad.

She still thinks it is the result of the delta variation they see. In the earlier waves in the city, there were other types that dominated.

– The fact that the most contagious subtype of participation in circulation is now clear is not something we should pay special attention to, says Rostot.

Brockstad believes that a small additional infection could have an impact on how the epidemic occurs in Norway.

– It can be very difficult to beat explosions with this sub variant. This may take longer, says Brockstadt.

The NIPH researcher added that the main reason for the high prevalence of infection in society is the way we now behave regardless of differences.

Corona virus

Significance depends on the size of the reaction on the spinal cord and the cells in the body. The subtype of the delta virus that now occurs in Trondheim has two additional modifications to the spikes.

Photo: National Health Institutions Guide / National Institutes of Health Guide

Not sure why

AY.4.2 has three modifications over the regular delta variant. It again has many changes compared to the original corona virus. These changes have made Delta one of the most contagious respiratory viruses known to humans.

Of the three additional changes in AY.4.2, there are two changes in the spike that researchers now believe are important for infection.

One of the changes is a mutation in level 222, which is a defining mutation “Norwegian” delta variant.

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