Truck Protest Leaders Arrested in Canada – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Truck Protest Leaders Arrested in Canada - NRK Urix - Foreign News & Documentaries

So far, the police alert doesn’t seem to have had much effect. Many truck owners tell Canadian Radio CBC They will continue the demonstrations and allow themselves to be arrested without defending themselves.

Tamara Leech is one of the arrested leaders. Here in conversation with two police officers earlier this week.

Photo: Patrick Doyle/Reuters

Hundreds of large trucks have blocked downtown streets in the Canadian capital in recent weeks. There are now about 400 vehicles in the center. They started as a protest against the vaccine demand for truck drivers crossing the US-Canada border. Demonstrators also paralyzed traffic at several border crossings with the United States, but the blockade there has been lifted in recent days.

Jean-Philippe and Gabriel posing in a Jacuzzi in Ottawa.

– We are peaceful protesters, say Jean-Philippe and Gabriel who demonstrate in the Jacuzzi in Ottawa.

Photo: Reuters

Reuters interviewed two protesters who are struggling to keep warm in the cold winter weather in Ottawa. Jean-Philippe and Gabrielle say they sat in a small swimming pool to show the world how Canadians pretend.

– We are not terrorists and we do not have weapons. We support freedom, and for our children to avoid vaccinations and masks, the two say.

Rely on the exemption law

After several days of alarm and disturbance at all hours of the day, the Ottawa authorities decided that prohibit shouting. Providing supplies to protesters has also been criminalized.

There are still about a hundred trucks on the streets of Ottawa. They will not act until all coronavirus restrictions are lifted. American reporter Lars Oss took to the streets to speak with them and find out what they thought of what the authorities believed to be an occupation now.

Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau adopted an extraordinary provision to exempt the police and give the police expanded powers to flush out protesters.

– An illegal siege and occupation is not a peaceful way to protest. This must end, Trudeau said in a speech to the National Assembly.

The Exemption Act has not been used since 1970. It is said to give authorities expanded power in times of crisis when a situation would endanger the life, health or safety of Canadians.

So far, the French news agency reported, dozens of protesters have been arrested and several cars have been confiscated. The authorities also froze bank accounts and banned krona from entering as income for the protests.

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