Truck rescued from bridge – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Truck rescued from bridge - NRK Innlandet - Local news, TV and radio

Many bridge elements are now thrown into the ground. There they are dissected and examined in more detail.

It is not yet known when and how the 50-tonne truck stuck on the bridge will be removed.

Innlandet transport chief Aud M. Riseng says they should tread carefully.

– Now it is important to do things wisely so that you preserve the evidence needed to find the cause. Because if the bridge collapses like it is now, he says, the evidence will be destroyed.

At around 4pm on Wednesday, most of the collapsed Dreadn Bridge in Oyer was thrown away. The work was carried out by crane.

Photo: Alexander Nordby / NRK

The cutting of the bridge components is done in consultation with police investigators, the Accident Investigation Board and an expert panel constituted.

A truss weighing 15 tonnes was lifted from the bridge on Wednesday afternoon.

Hard work

The task of removing the truck and the bridge proved difficult and dangerous.

– We need to do continuous risk assessments along the way. The safety of the workers is the most important thing, says Raiseng.

The lorry has to leave before the bridge over the E6 is cleared further.

– The original plan to remove the lorry was too risky as the bridge is now tilted. Now the safety assessment is that the bridge should come down and it should happen in a controlled manner, Aud Ryseng says.

The bridge collapses at Tretten in Gutbrandstallen

On the bridge: A lorry driver was in the middle of the Dreadn Bridge when it collapsed.

Photo: Lars Erik Schrefsrud / NRK

The hope is that the truck will be intact when they lower the bridge.

This will probably happen during the day.

In the middle of the bridge

On the morning of Monday 15th August, a car and a lorry collapsed on the bridge over the Dreton bridge in Gutbrandsthalen.

There was one person in each vehicle. Both came out of the incident unharmed.

Lorry driver Terje Brendan had the worst working day of his life when the bridge he was driving on collapsed.

– I thought I was going to die. He told

Brendan made it to the middle of the bridge before it collapsed and saw the asphalt begin to waver up and down in front of him like an earthquake.

Rescue: The driver of the lorry was rescued on Monday by a rescue team who was lowered from a helicopter after the bridge collapsed. A truck and a car were on the bridge when the bridge collapsed.

Construction of temporary bridges

Glulam Bridge is almost 150 meters long and 10 meters wide. The Norwegian Road Administration discovered a fault in the now-collapsed bridge during an inspection in 2016.

On Tuesday evening, it was decided to close 14 wooden bridges in Treton until the cause of the bridge collapse is clear.

Bridges are located in Viken County (8), Inland County (5) and Nordland County (1).

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is currently working on installing temporary bridges to replace some of the 14 closed truss bridges. They said in a press release that these closures will have the greatest impact on road users.

The Norzenga Bridge in Kongsvinger is closed.

Closed: The Norzenga Bridge in Kongsvinger is one of the 14 bridges that are now closed.

Photo: Ann-Christine Moe

Temporary bridges have the same load-bearing capacity as permanent bridges, but are shorter, thus reducing access somewhat.

– Determining the cause of the Tretton Bridge’s collapse could take time, and it’s uncertain how long the 14 bridges will remain closed, he says. Kato Loken, Department Director at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Requesting a job

Hans-Peter Ommedal, a prosecutor at the Inlandate police district, said the task was to find out how the bridge could collapse after ten years.

Norwegian bridges are designed to last 100 years.

– This is the NOK 1,000 question we are trying to figure out, he says.

Thirteen Bridges, Wednesday cleanup.

Collapsed: Tretton Bridge has completely collapsed.

Photo: Lars Erik Schrefsrud / NRK

In connection with the work, there is a no-fly zone in the work area until 10:00 pm on Friday, August 19. A ban has been imposed up to 2,500 feet.

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