Truck Shake Canada Protest – VG

Truck Shake Canada Protest - VG
Plenty: Trucks’ range extends far into Canada.

Dissatisfied truck drivers’ rebellion against coronary artery restrictions and mandatory vaccinations has sparked a backlash. “We do not accept this kind of behavior in Canada,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter.


Frustrated truck drivers have turned Canada upside down with a so-called “freedom caravan” on its way to the country’s capital, Ottawa, to protest coronavirus restrictions and mandatory vaccinations.

The background to the protests is a vaccine demand that requires unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers to self-quarantine after crossing the border from Canada’s neighboring country, the USA, writes BBC.

The caravan began on January 15 – culminating in massive protests in Ottawa in recent days. Thousands of people are now protesting against mandatory vaccinations and coronavirus restrictions in the nation’s capital.

Hard words: Protesters gathered in Ottawa are not happy with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

according to BBC There are 120,000 truck drivers in the country. The channel wrote that 90 percent of them should be vaccinated.

Most of the convoy participants demonstrated peacefully, but few acted in a way that was heavily criticized.

Ottawa police wrote that a landmark of the country’s war was vandalized on Sunday Twitter.

Some protesters are also said to have used banners bearing Nazi symbols and swastikas BBC.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, condemns the vandalism and what he believes are racist messages among some of the protesters.

– This has to stop

We do not accept this kind of behavior in Canada. To Officials: This must stop, Trudeau angered on Twitter.

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On Monday, it was announced that Trudeau, who has been vaccinated three times, She got herself infected with the Corona virus.

– I tested positive for covid-19 this morning. He wrote that I feel good and continue working from home this week Twitter. The Prime Minister encourages everyone to get vaccinated and take a booster dose.

Prior to the weekend, Trudeau was notified that he had been in close contact with an infected person. He immediately isolated himself, although a rapid test gave a negative result.

according to VG . Overview More than 277,000 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Canada in the past 14 days.

Race: Patient with coronavirus Justin Trudeau reaches out for protests in Ottawa and on Canadian roads.

– he deserves respect

Conservative politician Candice Bergen defends the protesters.

They, along with millions of others like them, are tired of being closed and deceived by promises. They deserve to be heard, and they deserve respect, Bergen wrote in response to Trudeau Twitter. It also questions Trudeau’s allegations of racism and “unacceptable views” among the protesters.

– I’m feeling nauseous

Canadian Defense Chief Wayne Air condemns the vandalism of the memorial.

– I feel sick to see protesters dancing on the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” (the name of the statue. Journey.), he writes on Twitter.

Generations of Canadians have fought and died for our rights, including freedom of speech, but not this one. He writes that those involved should be ashamed.

You’ve had enough: Protesters believe Canadian authorities have gone too far in the fight against the pandemic.

Ottawa’s mayor, Jim Watson, called the protests “totally unacceptable”. Police in the city Estimates It costs C$800,000 – the equivalent of more than 5.5 million Norwegian kroner – a day for police officers to attend the protests.

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