“Truls á la Hellstrøms Bistro” received 1,500 inquiries within four hours

"Truls á la Hellstrøms Bistro" received 1,500 inquiries within four hours

On Tuesday morning, it was announced that duo Trolls Svendsen (49) and Evind Hellstrom (73) will open a pop-up bistro by… The second TV series “Truls á la Hellstrøms Bistro”.

In ten episodes, the partners will be responsible for everything from preparing food to entertaining.

And of course there wouldn’t be a bistro without guests – then TV 2 announced the guest announcement In the bistro, the response was great.

Svendsen is pleased to be interested in visiting the restaurant.

– In the first four hours after we went out with the link today, we received 1,500 inquiries from people who would come to eat with us, he tells Channel 2 TV.

BISTRO: Radar couple Truls Svendsen and Eyvind Hellstrøm started creating a bistro on the TV 2 show “Truls á la Hellstrøms Bistro”. Photo: Per Christian Lindh / TV 2

– We had hoped many would come to eat, but the movement we are seeing now exceeds all expectations. It is of course incredibly comfortable, but it also creates a huge downturn for us!

The comedian further expressed that unfortunately there is not room for everyone in the bistro, but that they should do their best to give those who do get a table a good experience.

This is how you’ve never seen a classic

It is still possible to register as a guest. You will find the registration form here.

The “Truls á la Hellstrøms Bistro” restaurant in Oslo opens on March 29th, but is only open for a limited time, until April 30th.

“Truls á la Hellstrøms Bistro” will be shown on TV 2 in the fall of 2022.

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